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Colored Lab Coat

Are you looking for colored lab coats? You just found the perfect place in the web! Pulse Uniform is offering enormous array of laboratory coats in your favorite colors. They come in different designs, lengths, and sizes to make sure there is one that fits you and your preference just perfectly. But best of all, our colored labcoats come easy on your budget. So whether you need a short lab coat like the consultation coat, kids lab coats, and or women's and men's plus size coats, we can provide you with ones that are not only low priced but also guaranteed to be of high quality.

Just how large is the colored lab coat selection found at Pulse Uniform? Our online store offers around 25 different colors to cater to whatever color is required in different clinics and hospitals, providing personally preferred lab coat color at the same time. And so, besides the usual white lab coat, customers will also find blue lab coats, black lab coats, green lab coats, pink lab coats, and a lot more. Most of these colors also come in different tints and shades such as ceil blue, navy blue, hunter green, surgical green, hot pink, and many others. Further, we have them in wide range of lab coat sizes, from XXS to 5XL and up, because we sell readymade medical lab coats and made-to-order medical lab coat uniform products. Even if a customer needs plus size lab coats that go as large as 12XL labcoat, Pulse Uniform will provide.