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    Elastic Waist Scrub Pants

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    1 - 30 of 89

    Elastic Waist Scrub Pants

    Pulse Uniform is the frontrunner in medical workwear offering top of the line elastic waist scrub pants that neither gap nor bunch.

    Pulse Uniform is the frontrunner in medical workwear offering top of the line elastic waist scrub pants that neither gap nor bunch.

    At Pulse Uniform, we take pride in our high quality elastic waist pants that are designed for your comfort and optimal performance. Our vast selection of elastic waist scrub pants offer strength, durability and reliability

    We aspire to deliver nothing less than the best. Thus, our elastic scrub pants feature:

    • Perfect grip that hugs to the body contours.
    • Stylish and trendy designs.
    • Modern cuts to give a great tapered fit.
    • Multiple pockets for secure storage of essentials.
    • Ideal for bending, moving, and squatting to enhance your performance.
    Vast Assortment of Functional Elastic Waist Pants

    We have a wide assortment of elastic waist scrub pants that compliment different body types and preferences. From simple and functional traditional nursing elastic pants, to yoga inspired scrub pants - we believe in the satisfaction of our clients.

    Our portfolio boasts of some of the best brands for elastic waist scrub pants including Landau, Adar, Cherokee, WonderWink and Jockey.

    From soft, flexible and sturdy fabric to high quality antimicrobial fabric, you are bound to look great, function better and enhance your performance at work.

    Q- What is an elastic waistband?

    A- Elastic waistbands are simply stretchable waistbands that are used in a variety of clothing items including nursing scrubs. The waistbands are known for their comfort and utility as they hug to the body contours giving a great fit.

    Q- Why is it important to buy high end brands like Cherokee, Adar, Landau, etc. for elastic waist scrub pants?

    A- In terms of scrubs and nursing garments, the brands you choose actually matter.

    The fabric blend, special features and thickness has an impact on the durability and lifespan of the garment. This is essentially true for scrub pants with an elastic waistband. By using cheap quality scrub pants, chances are that the fabric would either fall apart or become loose.

    At Pulse Uniform, we believe in selling the best brands and superior quality elastic waist scrub pants that offer a snug yet comfortable fit even after several washes.

    Q- Are there different kinds of elastic waistbands?

    A- Yes, there are two different types of elastic waistbands:

    • The first kind is where the elastic is sown into the fabric. Therefore, the elastic waistband becomes a part of the fabric.
    • The other type of elastic waistband is where there elastic is sown into a casing made within the fabric.

    Moreover, the elastic waistband also comes in a variety of sizes depending on the width.

    Q- Why should I choose an elastic waist scrub pant over a drawstring tie?

    A-Elastic waistbands are the preferred choice of professionals since they give a nice comfortable fit. An elastic waist scrub pants moves with the body and gives you an easy feeling. The comfort makes it’s the choice of professionals irrespective of the age. Moreover, they offer convenience since they are super easy to wear.

    On the other hand, a drawstring pant needs to be tied to the waist which makes it uncomfortable for long shifts.

    Q- Do elastic scrub pants get tight on weight gain?

    A- Well no, if you have gained some weight, the pants will not get tight rather they will expand with your body to give a comfortable fit. Such scrub pants are ideal for plus sized women, women undergoing maternity, or individuals who have recently undergone medical procedures or those who are striving to lose weight.

    Q- Do scrub pants come in full elastic waistband only?

    A- No, scrub pants come in both - full elastic and partial elastic waistbands. You can choose either of the two for your scrub pants as per your liking.

    Q- What fabric scrub pants are ideal for me?

    A- Choosing the right fabric that ensures comfort is extremely important. However, the right fabric blend for you depends on your own personal choice.

    Generally, the most popular fabric blend includes:

    • Poly Cotton Poplin
    • Poly Cotton Spandex
    • Poly Cotton
    • 100% Polyester


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