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    Printed Scrub Tops

    Scrub Tops: Love, Heart, Seasonal & Disney Prints

    Add something casual to your daily work wear. Try these comfortable v-necks that are great fordaily use. Available in many great designs, patterns and colors. Beat the heat by sportinga casual V-neck. Stand out of the crowd with printed V-neck shirts. Will complement bestwith solid scrubs. Get one today!

    Don't fool yourself into thinking fashion has no place in healthcare attire. You can enjoy anupdated look by adding just a few fashionable pieces to your wardrobe. Put your personalityinto your work gear or improve your professional appeal by selecting from today's top designs.Select a casual V-Neck top today to your work attire!

    Yoga and athletic-wear-inspired scrubs are growing in popularity. The appeal makes perfect sense.Working with patients is workout intensive. Bending, stretching, squatting and twisting iseasiest when you're wearing tops made of flexible, breathable fabrics. Plus, the form-fittingstyle and smooth lines complement most figures.

    Traditional medical scrubs are making a comeback as well. Scrub tops inspired by our favoriteTV shows are in high demand. Barco's line of Grey's Anatomy tops, bottoms and jackets areone of the top-sellers here at Pulse Uniform, and they work well in most healthcare settings.

    On the opposite side of the spectrum, many facilities are trending toward a relaxed look withfashionable scrub tops you can wear at home or work. These pieces provide the comfort anddurability you need to keep up with the daily demands of your job while providing excellentvalue. Get double the use for your money with stylish scrub tops you can use on and off theclock.