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Green Scrubs

Green scrubs are a common choice for medical workwear. At Pulse Uniform, you'll find we have an impressive number of shades available in styles capable of improving your work performance. Select between an array of fabrics that will keep you cool and dry, while providing the comfort, flexibility and stain control you need to face the demands of your healthcare role. Look and feel your best with new styles available from major brands such as Adar, White Swan, Dickies and Landau.

Pulse Uniform carries scrub pants, tops and jackets in a surprising number of green shades. Subdued olive green scrubs work well in most healthcare settings. The color is natural and many find it calming. In contrast, lime green scrubs can invigorate you and breathe energy into your daily routine. Use the range of greens available to update your wardrobe and make a difference on the job.

Many of our garments are suitable for use on or off the clock. Our scrub pants are surprisingly comfortable, but they're still durable enough to handle the stress of constant wear. Your scrub pants are also able to keep up with repeat washes without fading.

All of the scrubs we sell are high-quality. While we work diligently to keep prices low, you won't find cheaply made scrubs in our selection. Note the top-selling brands we carry and take stock of the latest styles we offer at discount prices. Even our clearance items come from recognized names in the garment industry.

Take a closer look, and you'll find:

  • A full range of sizes, from XS to 5XL
  • Short to tall designs
  • Specialty items for pregnant women and nursing mothers

Men aren't neglected either. We know women aren't the only healthcare professionals who care about saving money. Get the most comfort and style out of your work wardrobe by selecting green pants and tops made of the best fabrics.

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