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Colored Lab Coats - Standard, Trendy & Stylish

Stylish and Colored Lab Coats: For Men and Women

Colored lab coats are fun, stylish and practical choices. They're also being adopted by more facilities in an attempt to better connect with clients. Whether you're drawing blood or handing out medication, a colorful lab coat can have an impact on your patient's state of mind. The color of your garment can help put people at ease, lower your own stress levels, or simply add some personality to your work attire. Explore the colors and styles we have available at Pulse Uniform, and take advantage of our affordable prices.

Look Your Best and Feel Great, Too

Pulse Uniform understands the high demands of health professionals. To stay on top of your game, you don't just need to perform well - you need to stay presentable, too. A colorful lab coat can make all the difference. They are available in a surprising range of sizes to accommodate the needs of our customers. From XXS up to 12XL and delivered in lengths from 25 to 50 inches, you're sure to find a colored lab coat with the right look and fit for your body.

Choose from the various styles we have available, including:

  • Traditional three-pocket lab coats
  • Blazer-style counter coats
  • Three- and four-pocket shop coats
  • Medical lab coats
  • Consultation coats and more
  • Select the right style of lab coat for your job in the perfect size and color for you. Then, take your customization to the next level with our convenient monogram service. By adding a monogram, you can keep track of your lab coats and give them an extra personal touch.

Get the Benefits of Buying Color Lab Coats Online

At Pulse Uniform, we know most health professionals want stylish workwear that's durable, comfortable, affordable and easy to clean. Afraid that's too much to ask? Let us prove you wrong. Browse our superior selection of colored lab gear, uniform scrubs and accessories. Take advantage of our quick ordering process, and experience the high quality of our lab coats for yourself without sacrificing top quality service! As an extra incentive, we offer logo set up on bulk orders and free shipping on sales over $29. Place your order today!

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