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Tooniforms By Cherokee

Best Tooniforms Scrubs by CHEROKEE

Sporting beloved cartoon characters on your work uniform gives healthcare professionals several surprising benefits, while maintaining functionality. Because of their excellent job in balancing fun and function, Tooniforms scrubs by Cherokee are popular options for lively and light-hearted scrub designs. In an industry where decisions are sometimes dire and day-to-day tasks can get you down, adding a whimsical touch to your wardrobe with Cherokee Tooniforms helps lift the spirits of you and those around you.

Fabric carries a lot of importance in the uniform world, especially among healthcare professionals who need comfort for their patients, as well as themselves. Cherokee Tooniform takes this fun and festive line to the next level by utilizing cotton-heavy combinations and various features that help keep scrubs feeling their best. The line is explicitly feminine, with many shirts enjoying features like stretchy side panels, and yoke backs used to create flattering silhouettes for sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL.

Cherokee also keeps these Tooniform scrub tops breathable by creating specialty sleeves, side vent and neckline designs. Large pockets allow you to carry everything you need for a convenient exam or patient consultation. Displaying some of our most favorite cartoon characters, these scrub tops by tooniforms also play an important role in building patient relationships.

Add Some Life to Your Wardrobe

Connecting with the people you treat can be difficult when they're in pain. Children, especially, may have a hard time staying calm and comfortable enough for you to offer the best care possible. You can help reassure them and deliver the best level of care by displaying a friendly face on your scrubs.

These silly character tops breathe fresh air into your work wardrobe, and they offer refreshing benefits to your patients regardless of their age. Use our convenient order form to order your new Tooniforms scrubs at cheap pricing, or contact our customer service team to learn more about special orders.