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28 September 2023

The Vital Role of Maternity Scrubs for Healthcare Moms (2023)

Pregnancy is definitely a miraculous and life altering experience for any woman, bringing numerous physical and emotional changes. For women working in healthcare, the challenges are definitely more complex and profound...

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31 August 2023

Customizing Your Nursing Uniform: Add Your Personal Brand

Aloha, we are back once again superheroes! One thing that all nursing professional agree upon is that over the couple of decades,..

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27 JULY 2023

Women's Scrub Tops to Kick Your Day off Right

One thing that can help you kick start your day right as a nurse is the right medical uniform that boosts your confidence instantly and keeps you upbeat. As a nursing professional, the scrub you wear plays an important,..

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28 JUNE 2023

7 Must-Know Tips To Buy Medical Scrubs Online

Medical scrubs are an integral uniform for healthcare professionals that offers unmatched comfort, protection and functionality while they are performing their duties. However, with the rampant popularity of online shopping,..

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31 MAY 2023

The Best Men's Scrubs to Look Good and Feel Comfortable

If you are working in the field of healthcare, you must be well aware of the importance of wearing functional and comfortable scrubs at work. But this essentially does not mean that you have to sacrifice your comfort and style...

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26 MAY 2023

Tips for Choosing The Best Women's Scrubs

Scrubs are an integral part of the medical fraternity's code of conduct, offering a pragmatic and comfortable solution for nurses by designing medical apparel that meets their day-to-day professional needs ensuring safety and superior performance...

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22 MARCH 2023

The Importance of Self-Care for Nurses

Being affiliated to the healthcare industry, most nurses put others first over themselves. Nurses have extremely demanding jobs, they work for long hours in stressful situations and are expected to offer optimal care to patients...

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28 FEBRUARY 2023

Uniforms In The Workplace: Should Nurses Be Given The Option?

When you actually think of a nurse, what really crosses your mind? Well in its entirety, you are likely to envision an individual flaunting their scrubs, wearing a lab coat or a stethoscope around their neck...

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18 JANUARY 2023

Importance Of Patient Advocacy In Nursing

Patients entrust nurses with their lives. Although nurses have several duties, one of them is to safeguard their patients from injury that is unrelated to their medical condition. As a result, nurses ought to be patient advocates...

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27 October 2022

How to Dress as a Nurse?

Are you enrolled in nursing school or considering it? Perhaps you will graduate from nursing school in May or December this year. You will need some advice on how to dress like a nurse if you fall into any of those 3 categories...

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31 August 2022

5 Ways Nurses Can Negotiate Better Salaries

For almost all nurses, finding a job, creating resumes, cover letters, preparing for interviews can be quite nerve wracking. In most nursing schools, professional development is not given as much attention as it should have been given...

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26 August 2022

Importance of Cultural Competence in Nursing

The pivot point of a healthy patient and nurse relationship is cultural competence. All nurses should make it their priority while administering care to patients Cultural competence relies upon the growth and development of nurses by taking the societal values into consideration. Generally, nursing as a career is quite versatile, where nurses are expected to care for the sick, derive treatment plans, aid the elderly in different settings and more...

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24 June 2022

Here's Why Compassionate Care Is Important in Nursing

To understand compassionate care better, it is important to ponder upon its definition as per the National Center for Biotechnology, "Compassion originates as an empathic response to suffering, as a rational process which pursues patients' wellbeing, through specific, ethical actions ...

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31 May 2022

Reasons Why You Need Great Quality Nursing Shoes

Nursing is a demanding profession that requires hard work and a lot of your time. The entire day at work can become further daunting and tiring, if you are not wearing shoes that are comfortable. It is imminent for nurses to wear supportive and comfortable shoes as they spend a substantial...

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19 May 2022

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Desired Nursing Specialty

With healthcare becoming extremely complex, majority of nurses are thus deciding to streamline their focus on one specialized aspect of nursing. There are numerous benefits that come with specializing such as recognition, respect, career satisfaction, job security and better salary potential...

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01 April 2022

Best 2022 Gifting Ideas For Nurses

Many people are perplexed as to what they should give to people who work in the medical field. Everyone expects to give and receive gifts over the holiday season, including nurses. However, it is a career that makes finding the appropriate present challenging. Nothing beats covering...

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22 Febuary 2022

Here's Why Eating Healthy Is Important as a Nurse

Nursing is considered to be an extremely emotionally, physically and mentally draining job. Majority nurses work during long shifts having consecutive shifts. They spend majority of the time on their feet where they are moving around the hospital or the clinic taking...

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20 January 2022

Here's why you should become a Nurse Instead Of a Doctor

You have already decided that you want a future in healthcare, but you are now finding it difficult to choose between nursing school and med school. If you are contemplating, we can help you make an informed decision. Our article will help you decide why nursing is a better than medicine...

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31 December 2021

The Importance of Being Professional as a Nurse

An important aspect of being a great nurse is his/her ability to demonstrate professionalism. It is not important that what level you are presently on as a nurse, but those who depict commitment, compassion and empathy are the ones who succeed in their professional spectrum....

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14 December 2021

The Importance of Nursing Professional Development

In healthcare today, nurses make up the largest workforce. Today, with COVID-19 and the need for efficient nurses, organizations now value their importance and desire to retain those who are confident and competent. They want those individuals who are zealous, and have the ability to adapt to the increasing needs of offering safe and effective care for critical patients...

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23 November 2021

Qualities & Characteristics of A Good Nurse

Nursing is considered to be the largest healthcare profession within the United States, and this trajectory of growing need and interest of registered nurses (RNs) is not likely to slow down. There is increase in demand in terms of influence, leadership demand, and projected job growth...

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25 October 2021

Expert Tips to Survive Stress and Get Through Nursing School

If you have ever been within a hospital facility, you will easily be able to comprehend why nursing school is exactly so stressful. Nurses are constantly under the...

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30 September 2021

How to Show Support for Nurses & Healthcare Workers

Nurses are the pinnacle of any healthcare system. They are the ones who have extremely stressful jobs and are often not given the credit they deserve. With...

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23 September 2021

Guide For Buying Scrubs: Points to Consider When Buying Scrubs

Buying scrubs for a nurse is part and parcel of their work regime. However, when you buy scrubs for your job or med school, you need to take any dress code standards...

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31 August 2021

Here's Why Hospitals Should Provide Their Employees with Scrubs

Have you ever found your employees demanding for medical scrubs as part of their work benefits? Well rightly so, those healthcare facilities that provide medical uniforms to their staff have observed enhanced...

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26 August 2021

Nursing Overtime - The Pros, Cons & It All Makes Sense

As per the Nursing Salary Guide published in 2018, the overtime hours a nurse has to incur can either be very emotionally and physically draining or a great way to make some extra dollars - there's honestly...

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26 July 2021

3 Integral Traits in Healthcare Professionals

Be it your domestic or professional life, certain personality traits are a must that help you go a long way. This includes compassion, punctuality, respect, tolerance and more. Similarly, if your thinking is...

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29 June 2021

6 Skills you need to Excel Professionally as a Nurse

Nursing is one of the most respected and dignified professions in the world. The way they care and our committed to the wellbeing of humanity is second to none where their hard work is recognized and appreciated...

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31 May 2021

Safety and Importance of COVID-19 Vaccination

With the passage of time, effective vaccinations for Coronavirus have been developed and distributed amongst the masses, it is now more important for people to understand the benefits of these vaccines...

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06 May 2021


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23 April 2021


Pulse Uniform commemorating the services of our front liners by offering 20% off on all medical apparels in pre-nurses' week...

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31 March 2021

4 Life Lessions You Learn from Nursing

As a nurse, you will learn a variety of life lessons that change your perspective on life. You will experience death up close, making you open to the stark realities of life. You will encounter things that will make you appreciate...

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23 February 2021

Here's why Nurses Are the Backbone of Healthcare Systems

Have you ever wondered what the healthcare system would be like without efficient collaboration and coordination? How will it carry out day to day...

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29 January 2021

How to Become a Certified Nurse Midwife in 2021?

If you are thinking about starting your career as a nurse midwife, continue reading further to gauge whether it is right for you...

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20 January 2021

8 Tips on How to Become a Nurse Blogger

With the Internet becoming a mass medium of expression, and individuals resorting to blogging to pen their thoughts, nurses have done the same. In the start, there was no particular direction, and people were not actually aware of what they were doing...

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