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Scrub Shoes

Tired of being on your feet all day? The right pair of scrub shoes will take you a long way. We carry many designs that are light on your feet. Get a pair today and enjoy lots of discounts and more! Work in ease and also get noticed!

Scrub shoes used in healthcare must meet the basic requirements for safety on the job. Nurses, in particular, suffer high rates of slips and falls. That happens when you work around so many bodily fluids. Protect yourself with slip-resistant shoes that offer you a secure fit.

It's possible to have slip-resistant shoes and be comfortable, too. It's a new concept in the medical profession, but new scrub shoe designs work on increasing air flow while providing adequate coverage and ultimate shock absorption.

At Pulse Uniform, we seek out medical shoes with those features and that are also easy to clean. Why? Because you're dealing with the most dangerous drips and spills in the business. Wash them away before going home so you never worry about spreading disease to your loved ones.

On top of those practical features, you'll be amazed by the styles of scrub shoes now available. We carry the prim, white nursing shoes that are still mandatory in many hospitals and clinics around the nation. However, we also offer the latest shoes to hit the market by top brands like Anywear, HeartSoul and Cherokee. Choose nursing shoes in an endless variety of patterns and colors, like leather clogs, or specialty nurse shoes made from high-density foam.

The quality of your scrub shoes has a tremendous impact on your job satisfaction. A comfortable pair of nursing clogs can make or break your career.

Pulse Uniform goes the extra mile to support healthcare workers and improve the quality of care delivered across the country and around the world. It's obvious when you look at our selection of medical footwear. Get a new lease on your legs when you order a pair of our superior scrub shoes today.

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