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    You'll be amazed by the wide assortment of colors available for women's scrubs as well as men's scrubs in our huge selection of Adar uniforms. If you prefer more traditional styling, including traditional unisex scrub sets or the formal white nursing dresses popular in the past, you'll get excited about the look, feel and long-lasting value offered by all of Adar Medical Scrubs. Available in a surprising range of sizes, styles, and colors, Adar Uniforms remain a trusted brand and one of the most recognized uniform lines available at Pulse Uniform. Pick yours up today.

    Pulse Uniform ensures 100% satisfaction guarantee and offers free shipping on orders above $40+ so that you can buy your favorite items from Adar at super affordable prices.

    Reviews of Consumers that Can Assure Brands' Reliability

    "Not just a jacket, but a great one!"

    Perfect jacket from Adar because the construction is way more sturdy than a smock, double panel pockets on either side make it an ample space for storage, the zipper is always smooth, fit is as expected, no buttons anywhere to lose and the care instructions couldn't get easier.

    - Fuzzwatkins

    "As expected!!"

    Adar underneath scrubs are comfortable and holds the body perfectly. You don't want something super thick and baggy to make you look lumpy. The fabric is also super soft.

    - Theresa

    "Love these tees"

    Love these shirts from Adar. The material doesn't bother the skin, and they are a little stretchable too.

    - Alexandra

    "Timely delivery and good quality"

    The items arrived right on time – The shirts are well fitted and made.

    - Jennifer Nguyen

    1. Is the fabric stretchable?

    Yes the fabric is super soft, stretchable and keeps you in your comfort zone all day long.

    2. How accurate is the size chart?

    The size chart is pretty accurate and fits just right. Always check the size chart before adding items to your shopping cart.

    3. Can I use Adar tops and pants for a general purpose?

    Although, these uniforms are made for healthcare professionals, doctors, and nurses but can be used by anyone.

    4. Do Adar shirts shrink or are they pre-shrunk?

    These shirts do not shrink. The fabric contains less percentage of cotton. Therefore, shrinking in not an issue. However, we always recommend washing in either cold or warm water.

    5. Are Adar shirts breathable?

    They are extremely breathable and wash up perfectly well.


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