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    Q- Are drawstring pants functional for everyday workplace needs?

    A- Drawstring pants are a functional medical workwear that can be worn all day long for utmost comfort. Such pants are not only suitable for professional medical use but are also great for lounging.

    The drawstring pants are constructed using an extremely flexible fabric that allows the wearer to bend and or move freely. Moreover, most drawstring pants have functional pockets that are ideal for storage.

    Lastly, the drawstring waist gives the wearer freedom to tie the pants at a relaxed fit.

    Q- What are the functional features that are essential in drawstring pants?

    A- Some of the functional features essential in drawstring pants are:

    • Soft and flexible fabric.
    • Resistance to fluids and spillages.
    • Wicking fabric.
    • Inner lining.
    • Number of pockets.
    • Pockets with Velcro closures
    • Pockets with zipper closures
    • Comfort and breathability
    Q- What is inseam?

    A- An inseam is a seam that helps in binding the length of the inner pant leg. Moreover, the distance from the bottom crotch to the lower ankle is also known as the inseam. The length of the inseam is the determining factor to ensure the pant fits perfectly. The inseam length in scrub pants tends to vary between petite, regular and tall sizes.

    Q- How to measure inseam?

    A- To measure the inseam, start measuring the pants from the crotch to the bottom of the ankle. This will help you in getting the desired length for the pant.

    For accuracy, you can hold the end of the measuring tape and let a friend take the reading from the ankle.

    Q- What is the difference between petite, regular and tall pants?



    The petite sizes are the standard size for women who not only have short height but are also proportioned small. They are scaled down in sleeve length and shoulders. The inseam length of such pants is 28 inches.


    The regular sizes are standard and fit well-proportioned women. Such women have hips larger than the bust, and the inseam is 30 inches.


    Tall sizes are for women with long torsos. The body length is 1 ½ inches, and sleeve length is 1" more than the regular fit. The inseam length of such pants is 32 inches.


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