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Q- What is an elastic waistband?

A- Elastic waistbands are simply stretchable waistbands that are used in a variety of clothing items including nursing scrubs. The waistbands are known for their comfort and utility as they hug the body contours giving a great fit.

Q- Why is it important to buy brands like Cherokee, Adar, Landau, etc. for elastic waist scrub pants?

A- Regarding scrubs and nursing garments, the brands you choose matter.

The fabric blend, features, and thickness have an impact on the durability and lifespan of the garment. This is essentially true for scrub pants with an elastic waistband. By using cheap quality scrub pants, the chances are that the fabric would either fall apart or become loose.

At Pulse Uniform, we believe in selling the best brands and superior quality elastic waist scrub pants that offer a snug yet comfortable fit even after several washes.

Q- Are there different kinds of elastic waistbands?

A- Yes, there are two different types of elastic waistbands:

  • The first kind is where the elastic is sown into the fabric. Therefore, the elastic waistband becomes a part of the fabric.
  • The other type of elastic waistband is where there elastic is sown into a casing made within the material.

Moreover, the elastic waistband also comes in a variety of sizes depending on the width.

Q- Why should I choose an elastic waist scrub pant over a drawstring tie?

A- Elastic waistbands are the preferred choice for professionals since they give a nice comfortable fit. Elastic waist scrub pants move with the body and give you a relaxed feeling. The comfort makes it's the choice of professionals irrespective of the age. Moreover, they offer convenience since they are super easy to wear.

On the other hand, a drawstring pant needs to be tied to the waist which makes it uncomfortable for long shifts.

Q- Do scrub pants come with full elastic waistband only?

A- No, scrub pants come with both – full elastic and partial elastic waistbands. You can choose either of the two for your scrub pants as per your liking.


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