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Best Selection of Long Lab Coats for Men and Women

Looking for a long lab coat at an affordable price? Want something that will last for years to come? Check out our assortment of lab coats from best-selling brands such as Landau, Adar, Meta and Cherokee. We have the lengths and colors you need to do your job comfortably and in style. Pulse Uniform goes the extra mile in providing quality lab wear to today's professionals with expanded sizes from XS to 5XL. You'll also have access to a variety of pocket configurations and special features, allowing you to select just the right coat for your job.

Lab coats come in a range of styles, with each having a slightly different purpose. Long coats are used in:

  • Hospital labs
  • Examination rooms
  • Medical laboratories for research purposes
  • While they're often seen as a symbol of professionalism and authority, lab coats serve practical purposes, too. You can see this in the range of features our long white and colored lab coats have available.

For instance, Dickies GenFlex iPad lab coat comes with an interior pocket for carrying your tech devices. Certainty's antimicrobial lab coat comes with extra protection that's part of the fabric to help prevent the transfer of germs from patient to patient - or from patient to healthcare provider. To select the best long lab jacket for your needs, pay attention to the number and location of pockets and instrument enclosures.

At Pulse Uniform, we're not solely focused on function. A big part of our job is finding the latest fashions available and making them accessible to shoppers at affordable prices. You'll notice many of the lab coats we list come with special tailoring features, such as princess seams and notched lapels. If you want to look your best while staying safe and comfortable, browse through our current selection and stop by often to see the latest options.


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