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Cherokee Flexibles Scrubs - Fashion Gets Functional

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Cherokee Flexibles - Innovation at its best

One of the most demanding jobs is that of medical professionals, doctors, nurses, technicians alike. If what you wear doesn't comply with your hectic routine chances are you'd soon be searching for other more relaxed options.

Nursing uniform scrubs including scrub tops, pants and prints made from the stiff and rough materials not only restrict your movement but also limit you to perform your duties correctly. Worse they might even rip at the seams causing an embarrassing and unprofessional moment.

Need to avoid this? Choose Flexibles scrubs by Cherokee Uniforms.

Flexibles by Cherokee Uniforms as the name suggest is distinctively manufactured to be soft and adjustable. It flows seamlessly with your body and doesn’t hinder any movement. They are known as the original 'Stretchy Sides' scrubs which mean it has special panels that provide 'stretch' with movement.

Benefits - You can't resist
  • Comfort and Durability
  • Ease of Movement
  • Plenty of styles, cuts and colors to choose from
  • Sporty and Athletic Designs
1. Wear Contrast Solids Tops

Naturally slimming and undeniably comfortable, contrasting stretch knit panels are designed to shape and flatter.

2. Wear Tonal Solids:

Created for comfort and designed for performance color code-friendly tonal solids.

3. Wear Prints

From whimsical and dynamic to artistic and unique, Cherokee flexibles prints are as diverse and inspiring as the people who wear them.