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    Look Good and Feel Great with Urbane Essentials

    By Zaf Udin 10/17/2013 Google+

    Today, workers, not only nurses engage in irregular shifts making them feel stressed, tired and uncomfortable. Nurses are always on the move to serve and are always determined to complete the task at hand. Some work their head off the whole day and some during the night compromising their own health, how they look and how they really feel

    It is a major concern that we, as workers must look good, feel great and work well at the same time. The confidence of a person is based on how she looks, how she feels and how she performs her duties.

    We certainly don't consider looking good and feeling great as an option but a priority. Everyone prefers to look good, feel great and be functional as we know it. By this, we present the Urbane Essentials Scrubs.

    From the word "Urbane", this means polite, confident, fashionable, formal and often elegant in manner.

    Urbane Essentials Scrub Pants and Tops are designed to help nurses to look good and feel great. The small unique details make the Urbane Essentials scrubs really interesting. These scrubs and pants come in a wide variety of colours. Take the Urbane Women’s Classic Single Pocket Crossover Scrub Top as an example. It has a wide range of colours like Aqua Breeze with Chocolate Trim, Royal Blue with Lime, Watermelon with Patriot, Grape with Lime and many more to choose from. Such a range of colours that can very well portray its elegance while you, wearing it.

    Aside from this, there are also wide varieties of styles that can easily mix and match your nursing scrubs. Plus, these are available in XXS to 3XL with regular, tall and petite sizes for the pants. Indeed you can choose not only the colour that captures your interest but also the sizes and styles that perfectly fits and gives you comfort so that you can work well.

    Also we have our best sellers:

    Urbane Women's Two Pocket 29 Inch Short Medical Lab Coat

    Here is a lab coat for women that will surely be a hit. Female medical professionals will find it easy to get a professional yet sexy look with this short lab coat. It has a slim silhouette with an hourglass double-stitched waist detail. There are two functional pockets at the front for easy storage of your tools and personal items. These scrubs are very important medical garments not just for conformity to professional standards but also for added protection and comfort while at work.

    Urbane Women Low Rise Boot Cut Drawstring Medical Scrub Pants

    Fashion and work can go together in this scrub pants. It is fit and fun to use. Apart from its design, this medical scrub pants is fabricated with 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which is a very durable and breathable blend of fabric. So you can be sure that these scrub pants are very comfortable and resistant to wear and tear.

    Working for several hours in the hospital/clinic isn't that easy and being a nurse or a medical professional isn't an easy job. How can you compensate with these facts? It's by wearing what fits right for you, what makes you feel great, what makes you look good and what makes you feel confident enough to be on the move.

    If you want to be elegant, comfortable and productive, Urbane Essentials is just right for you. It is fashion and function in one collection.