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    Top Brands for Medical Scrub Tops and Pants

    By Zaf Udin 10/23/2013 Google+

    There are several brands of medical scrub tops and pants that provide health professionals various options for their professional outfit. These brands all offer superior quality to provide you with convenience and professional appeal. Also, they can offer you with the opportunity to wear different styles. For some people, they may end up wearing the same scrub tops and pants every day at work that can just be boring. Hence, selecting from various brands can be a good way to express your individual personality.

    The following are the top brands for medical scrub tops and pants that are available in the market today:

    1. Cherokee

    Cherokee is among the biggest brands that sell standardized as well as specialized uniforms. Aside from scrub tops and pants, there are also Cherokee products for short sleeve shirts, cardigans, lab coats, warm up jackets, etc. Medical uniforms from Cherokee are designed to become more comfortable and functional at work. The brand is also well known for its inspired comfort campaign that recognizes healthcare workers that are competent and compassionate in performing their duties. Cherokee brands collection includes Workwear, Cherokee HQ, Disney, Flexibles, Tooniforms and Workwear Stretch.

    2. Dickies

    Dickies is not only popular in the United States but also in other parts of the world. Before its global fame, Dickies is a simple clothing brand for the working class. But today, Dickies is a known brand not only for workwear but also for leisure. The Dickies brand is also well known for its wide range of scrub tops, scrub pants, and medical lab coats for men and women. Uniforms produced by Dickies are made of superb quality materials and include special features that are not normally seen in regular medical uniforms. Current scrubs collection of Dickies are EDS, GenFlex and Natural Elements.

    3. Barco

    Barco medical uniforms can provide you with unique identity. These fashionable uniforms are available in vibrant colors such as hunter green, teal, quartz, hot tamale, wine, etc. Barco is also the producer of the popular Grey’s Anatomy scrubs, which is based from the TV drama series. Meanwhile, scrub tops and pants under Barco NRG are made with the innovative ArcTechnology allowing the fabric to breathe and stretch with you.

    4. Landau
    Landau is one of the pioneer brands for Medical Uniforms in the US. The company persisted on searching out ways to improve their designs. It is the primary reason why Landau existed for several decades. The brand is also known for its quality scrubs that are produced the right way and from the best materials available in the market. Most Landau scrub tops and pants that you can purchase today belong to Landau Scrub Zone.

    5. Urbane

    Medical uniforms created by Urbane are stylish and fashionable and boast high-fashion looks without the expensive price. From scrub tees to tunics, to jackets to crossovers and pants, you can improve your medical scrubs with a hint of fashion and trendy style. You can browse our extensive collection and have that avant-garde style at work.