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Cherokee Workwear Offers Inspired Comfort

By Zaf Udin 10/19/2013 Google+

Inspired comfort is the official tagline of Cherokee workwear brand and also the company's vision in providing high-quality medical uniforms for healthcare professionals. These two words make the brand one of the most popular medical apparel among doctors and nurses. Above industry standard fabrics and distinctive workmanship provide distinct style for this brand. Positive reviewers of Cherokee products particularly praised the comfort and durability that these uniforms provide.

Beyond the actual products, Cherokee also provides encouragement and contribution to the healthcare industry through its "Inspired Comfort Award". The award was created in 2003 to help the brand acknowledge and honor the profession. The company is proud of healthcare professionals who are doing their job with compassion and competence.

Basically, the award gives healthcare professionals with the chance to recognize superb service, selfless passion and innovation that could uplift the industry and the profession

This year, the award celebrated its 11th year with more than 10,000 healthcare professionals nominated to be recognized by the Inspired Comfort Award. Those who have received the award are remarkable people who have fulfilled their duties with passion. Their professional lives are great testaments to others who serve other people without expecting for any compensation. If you know a healthcare professional who you believe has performed exemplary in performing his or her duties, you can nominate them and present them with a chance to be recognized for their efforts.

Recipients of the Inspired Comfort Award usually receive all-expense-paid travels, paid travel to professional conferences, paid membership to their preferred clinical associations, Cherokee trophies, full wardrobe composed of Cherokee Medical Uniforms and Footwear, a cash donation to a certain foundation, and a 14k gold plated commemorative pin

One of the first recipients of the award is Mona Counts who holds a Ph.D. She is a nurse who started and funded a clinic in rural Appalachia using her second home mortgage. She helped establish the Primary Care Center of Mt Morris in Pennsylvania that serves thousands of patients in the area. The clinic has all women staff with nurses offering basic healthcare services. The small clinic is self-funded and many of the patients are not insured and usually not able to pay for health services

Another recipient of the Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award is Sergeant Major Michael Robinson who is a licensed practical nurse (LPN) in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He was awarded in 2012 for leading and directing his colleagues in the military to help in the nursing field. SGM Michael was the first military nurse to integrate tactical agenda into the nursing conference not only in Michigan but also across the United States. Through Michael, military nurses can be conferred with both military and civilian certificates and enable them to practice the nursing profession. In 2011, he also received the Lilian Kuster Award, which is the highest honor conferred for an LPN.

Cherokee's Inspired Comfort tagline shows not only the stylish and efficient design of the brand's medical uniforms and nursing scrubs, but also provides recognition and honor to the exceptional service, innovation and sacrifice that healthcare professionals show every day in providing comfort to those who are in need of healthcare services.

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