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Be Trendy with Dickies Generation Flex

By Zaf Udin 10/19/2013 Google+

If you are a new healthcare professional, you might have some trouble when it comes to being fashionable. You might feel like there is a need to surrender your own style because of 'what to wears' given by your workplace. You must learn that you need to follow codes and policies but this is not a call for a big change in your way.

It is a great thing that Dickies has come up with Generation Flex scrub collection. This is basically designed for younger nurses and this a reliable brand to have on whenever you have only just started in the new world you are in. Some points below are the reasons why Dickies Gen Flex is trendy to wear.

  • Cute prints. Since you are in the peak of adjustment from an easy-go-lucky world to a professional one, Gen Flex understands what you might possibly need. At an early age, you are self-conscious and uncomfortable about the unwanted baby fats you have, these cute printed tops are a big help to go well together with your physique. While covering up something from your body, its advanced print design will definitely keep hold to your fashion technique.
  • Vibrant solid colors. Solid colored top are the safe scrubs to be dressed in to look more mature but still in the personality you want to maintain. With its wide range of vibrant colors to choose from, you will never sacrifice what you desire to appear while in your professional uniform. It can’t be avoided that you feel like you want to wear a scrub in a color that pops out in your mind, and that might be different from you will think the next day. This scrub collection is just a good choice when you want to wear your uniform in various colors and shades from a day or another.
  • Junior fitted pants and tops. Its fit is perfectly suitable for nurses at a young age. This almost measures the exact build you have. This is sewn and trimmed rightly to get the best fit.
  • Stylish cuts and seams. Each time you would like to picture the curvy shape you have, this Gen Flex is a great help for you to achieve so. This has seam styles that allow the body to show off silhouettes and contours innate in your figure. However, do not worry for still it follows standards and measures so that you will still look professional and respected.

Dickies Generation Flex scrubs collection is not only about being trendy, fashionable and in style but also it finds a way for your comfort. This is also optimal that certainly you need while in the middle of your work shift.

Do not ever think that this scrub collection is only for nurses at young ages, because as you mature and grow with your line of work, you can still prefer Dickies Gen Flex for it has been with you since then. It is proven that it does not fail you nor upset you.

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