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Medical Reference Guide for School Nurses

By Zaf Udin 01/10/2012 Google+

Compared to other nurses, the job of a school nurse in a pre-college educational institution is quite different in many aspects. Some common examples of ailments that school nurses have to deal with include influenza and colds that tend to occur when school is back in session, as well as lice, ringworm and pinkeye. School nurses also need to be aware of students’ allergies and be prepared to issue emergency treatment if required. Viruses and disease are not the only concern of the school nurse. With the prevalence of junk food today, they have to work alongside cafeteria staff to properly educate students about healthy nutrition and prevent or reduce obesity. On a regular basis, school nurses are responsible for immunizations and monitoring the students’ general health, including their dental health and vision.

Apart from coping with standard ailments and injuries that students may succumb to, school nurses have the difficult task of preventing mass outbreaks of viral attacks and diseases among the students and faculty. Many students tend to fear the school nurse’s office; however, by making it a friendly, open, non-judgmental place, school nurses can help students to get help for any health issues that they are facing. By maintaining healthy standards among students, including simple habits such as washing hands, covering their mouths while coughing or sneezing, and not sharing utensils, school nurses can effectively help to keep the school a healthy environment.

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