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    When Global Warming Threatens Wool Industry Posted on 6th December 2010

    Sustainability is becoming an even bigger issue in the wool industry as the time passes by, despite the availability of what we call as high technology and modern facilities. Over grazing and climate change are particularly pressing on the sustainability of wool sources.


    The Bamboo Fabric Production Posted on May 2010

    Bamboo fiber has been enduring the brunt of calling it's being eco-friendly as "false". When FTC or Federal Trade Commission charged four companies of deceptively advertising that their products are made of 100% bamboo fiber, speculations about its not being truly 'green" surged. FTC further questioned the products' antimicrobial and biodegradable characteristics, along with saying 3 of those four companies processed the bamboo products through non-environment friendly manufacturing. But are your eco-friendly bamboo clothes really not eco-friendly?