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How to Honor the Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a significant federal holiday in the US to honor soldiers who have died while serving in the military. Aside from holding special parties, afternoon barbecues, and conventional events to honor the dead on Memorial Day, there are other ways to honor the fallen heroes. Read on to learn more about numerous ways in which you can pay tribute to the dead on May 25th.

Visit a Veterans Cemetery and lay flowers on several graves

There are 131 veterans� cemeteries and memorials in the United States maintained by the US Department of Veteran Affairs. Examples of veterans� cemeteries are the Woodlawn National Cemetery in New York and the U.S. Soldiers� and Airmen�s Home National Cemetery in Washington D.C. You can visit the official website of the Veteran�s Affairs to get a full list of veterans� cemetery in the US.

Fly the US Flag observing the correct etiquette

On Memorial Day, the US flag must be displayed at half-mast from morning to noon, and at full-mast from noon to sunset

Wear patriotic clothes

Ideal clothes can be of red, blue, and white colors, as well as pins and badges that commemorate the fallen soldiers.

Join the National Moment of Remembrance

The National Moment of Remembrance happens every Memorial Day at 3:00 o�clock in the afternoon. For one minute, the Americans, family, and friends of fallen soldiers pause and honor their dead loved ones. Participate in the national observance by offering a moment of silence and thinking about the fallen heroes

Donate cash or in-kind items to organizations that are supporting veterans or families of fallen soldiers who are struggling financially

Examples of legitimate organizations that you can send donations are the Veterans Health Research Institute and the Wounded Warrior Project. You can also offer your voluntary services to help these organizations.

Use Social Media to show your support

By simply changing your profile picture to the US flag or photos of veterans, you can show that you are participating in the remembrance of soldiers who died while in service of the US military. You can also post website links to memorial websites or commemorative events

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