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Medical school/Nursing School Tips

1. Learn what your course is all about and take it seriously

The very first thing that you should do is to know what you are going to be dealing with. This will help you understand why you should study the lessons your professors is going to give you and why you should do the things you will be doing in the field. If you don�t take it seriously, then leave it.

2. Plan, organize, and learn the time management

You are going to face a lot of pressure, but no worries, you will be able to manage everything if you know how to do these three. Simply make a portable calendar with the list of your activities or tasks and their corresponding time. The last thing to do is to implement it.

3. Avoid lates and absences

You need to catch up and keep updated in every lesson so make sure to cancel your dates and theatre jamming with your friends when you know you have a class schedule. You need to master self control and self discipline.

4. Record the discussion if allowed

Make use of your gadget to record your professor as he explains what is written in your materials. This is one way to review, especially to prepare for exams. But taking down notes is still important.

5. Clarify the things unclear during the discussion

There might be jargons or technical words new to your ears, especially on your first years and you won�t be able to use the context clues. Don�t be afraid to ask the speaker to repeat himself. It�s for your own r could be anybody else�s sake too.

6. Advance study

After reviewing your previous lessons, take time to study the next one so that you can easily cope up and participate on the discussion the next day. Also, you can use outside resources for your personal growth and this will help you follow your plans and schedule.

7. Ask some help from the nurses and medical practitioners you personally know

The most reliable resources you can depend on are the nurses and medical practitioners themselves. If you have a friend or relative with such profession, it will be easier for you to understand things being in that field. And it is more comfortable asking them instead of your professor or classmates because you already know them well.

8. Catch a lot of Z's

Sometimes the pressure of homeworks and exams will steal your chances of sleep. So when you have spare time from school, don�t waste it to nonsense window shopping or social media things. You�ll have a lot of days for it on vacation. Sleep a lot while you still can. Tomorrow is another zombie day.

9. Relax, Enjoy, and Reward yourself

Give yourself a break when you know you already drenched yourself into studying. Enjoy and love what you are doing and the results will be more satisfying. When you know you are doing very well and got a positive grade and very good application of what you have learned, don�t forget to give yourself a treat.

10. Be patient, focus and pray

Do not think about the time you are spending on studying. Think about what you are studying about. Don�t get bored and excited about the real field. You will eventually get there if you know how to handle things well. Focus on what you should do in the present and your future will be all right. Most importantly, talk to the One who can truly help you. Give thanks, ask forgiveness, and ask His guidance, and He will surely grant what your clean heart prays.

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