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PULSE UNIFORM Is Thankful for its Customers

Posted on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 by Staff Pulse Uniform

Thanksgiving Day in America is the harvest festival that started way back in 1621 as a time to say thanks for the bountiful harvest. But it has now evolved into a tradition of expressing gratitude to God for everything. And it is a time for family to gather together for holiday meals of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pies, parades and a lot of fun.

This year we celebrate Thanksgiving Day on Nov 26th which is just 20 days from now. But with all the difficulties and adversities we are going through from the failing economy to the feared H1N1 pandemic to the different disasters and calamities all over the world do you ever wonder if we still have a reason to be thankful

We, at Pulse Uniform, believe that there are still reasons to be thankful for despite the struggles we are experiencing. We just have to look at things in a different way. On our part, we are grateful for the continuous trust and support of our customers. We are grateful that despite the global financial setbacks, we are still able to fulfill our promise of providing premium quality products and services to all of you. We can still maintain the high quality product standard without putting the pressure on our customers because they are still low-priced, and that is another reason to be thankful for. We continue to grow as a company, gaining more customers by the day and getting the trust of more brands to partner with us. Our brand partners are also continuously creating new designs and styles that we are proud to feature in our online store. Most especially, we are thankful that you, our customers, have stayed with us all these years. Yes, we have so 101 reasons to be grateful for this year despite the adversities.

We also know that the only way we can reciprocate is to improve on the different pages in our online store to make it easier for our customers to look for the things they want, purchase the styles they are interested in and make the returns more efficient and convenient. We are constantly finding the technical knowledge that will further develop and make online shopping with us more safe and secure. Improving our customer service support both in call and chat is important for us so that our customers will have an easier time making their inquiries for the product and their orders and the process of returns for refund and exchange. One of the things we are making sure is that our standard for the personalizing of our medical uniforms thru embroidery and logo remains at par if not better than ever. We are doing all these things because we want to ensure that our customers from the students, nurses, doctors, dentists, health professionals to those who work in the laboratory remain thankful for our presence.

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