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10 Things to Consider in Choosing Workwear Scrubs

Most nurses and doctors choose workwear scrubs purely for their simplicity, the absence of intricate details of fashion scrubs. But how do you choose your workwear scrubs, specifically the scrubs tops? Do you simply pick the size that you need and the color that you want? Or you still look into other small details?

Since nurse uniforms are your constant companion while at work, they must live up to your working needs. The small details of your nurse uniforms will play important roles every time. Significantly, you have to consider details as small as side slits, style of sleeves, and even patch pockets. The following will help you in choosing the right workwear scrubs from among the Cherokee Scrubs.

Basic Tunic vs. Stylish. Will I welcome a new look by wearing stylish designs, or would I rather keep the simple look which I am used to? Your answer should depend on whether you will feel comfortable with a new look because of either stylish or basic tunic design. You can determine this by trying on a different outfit while at home or out with some friends on your day off. If for instance, you're a woman who is used to looking very simple, wear something feminine. The feeling of confidence with your new look is a positive sign. And when you get nice comments from your friends, it's about time that you go off your fashion boundary. To find stylish feminine-looking workwear scrubs available, type in the search box "women Cherokee workwear."

V-neck vs. Mock Wrap. Choosing between v-neck and mock wrap nurse uniforms is like deciding whether you want basic of stylish scrubs, minus the u-shape, scoop neck, split neck, and other neck designs. But besides determining confidence with a new look, consider whether you want to look a little slimmer as the mock wrap gives you that illusion. The contrast binding and back tie in some mock wrap tops also help in achieving that look. You also need to know if you would be okay with no chest pocket as the mock wrap cannot provide you with such. If you want your pen to always be in the pencil slot on the chest, you will have to go for the basic v-neck tunic featuring it. Click link to see complete selection of mock wrap scrubs.

Chest Pocket vs. No Chest Pocket. Think of what you usually put in your chest pocket, and how important these stuff are. If are totally dependent on the storage space that it provides, there's no need to still ponder on the matter. But if loading the chest pocket already puts some painful pressure to your neck and shoulders though, you should already consider looking for Cherokee uniforms that go without them. Many Cherokee workwear scrubs feature pencil slots and cell phone pockets, which are usually found with chest pockets. They should be perfect to use as replacements.

Patch Pockets vs. No Patch Pockets. Although, bringing along medical instruments at all times is important among health care workers, there are some who are annoyed with these gadgets. They may feel that they are actually working with so much clutter. In such a case, patch pockets should not be present in their nurse uniforms scrubs, in their scrub tops and scrub pants. Or, the featured pockets should be kept in a limited number. On the other hand, if you feel a need to always have your medical tools around, there are wide array of Cherokee uniforms that feature multiple pockets within the two big patch pockets. You may also like the side seam and angled pockets among our workwear scrubs.

Set-In vs. Raglan. It may be a little odd to actually find the types of sleeves in the list of things to consider in choosing Cherokee workwear scrubs, but to physicians, dentists, and nurses who are very particular with details, this thing is necessary. Let us learn first what raglan and set-in sleeves are. Raglan is the sleeve extending to the collar of a garment, instead of ending at the shoulder, attached using slanting seams that run from under the arm to the neck. Set-in sleeve on the other hand, is the one joined to the body of a garment by a seam that starts at the edge of the shoulder and continuing around the armhole. Now, going back, the reason why one may want Cherokee uniforms with raglan over set-in sleeves is the comfortable feel with the latter style. The seams in set-in may cause itchiness in the underarm of a sensitive wearer, besides the fact that the other one would be easy to clean. Most raglans feature the dolman sleeves design.

Side Slits vs. No Side Slits. Why would you want side slits or vents? It's probably due to the easy in movement that they help provide, or the vent they provide for air. Besides ease and comfort, though, you need to consider size and length of the Cherokee workwear scrub as well as the scrub pants pockets. If the workwear scrub top is mini in size and shorter in length, the side slits would most likely expose some part of your waist. In this case, choose the ones with no side slits. But if your scrub pants has back and front pockets, and you are wearing small size scrub top with longer center back length, side slits will greatly help in reaching for the pockets. Visit scrub pant department for complete choices.

Mini vs. Long Center Back Length. Mini workwear scrub tops will suit petite women. If you're short and a little bulgy, neither mini mock wraps nor basic v-neck tunics would make for a pleasing appearance. There are Cherokee uniforms with long center back length that would them fit just right. Remember, though, that long scrub tops would best suit tall individuals; shorter people will look even shorter in them. And so, a little adjustment in the length of the nurse uniforms may be necessary for short plus size health care workers.

White vs. Colored. While white looks really clean and nice on doctors and nurses, they are dirt magnets. So, if your work entails getting soiled a lot, white scrubs are definitely not for you. The ER, maternity, and pediatrics sections are usually harsh on white scrubs. Aside from considering the ward where you work, you may want to wear colored scrubs to improve mood. There are hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions that allow their employees to pick the color of nurses uniforms scrubs that they want to use. Although, of course, you don't have much of choice if the hospital where you're working is running a dress code.

Dark vs. Bright Colors. In this regard, you will have to mainly consider body figure. Dark colors, such as black and navy blue usually suit plus size individuals because of their ability to cloak or reduce size. Bright colors, on the other hand, make one look bigger because they draw much attention to the part of the body that wears the kind of colors. You may also need to change the tints and hues of your nurses uniforms scrubs according to the season, to improve the mood or simply go with it. Health care professionals may also wear the nurse uniforms color that is trending in fashion. Pulse Uniform has huge collection of solid colored scrubs.

Embroidered vs. Plain. Whether you should get a logo and name embroidery or monogram may depend on the rules of the hospital that you work for. If you are required to use nameplate pin, there's no need to have name embroidery of course. If you also wear ID, you may leave your Cherokee workwear scrubs plain as well. In the absence of these two, monogramming or name embroidery would greatly be important, as they will serve as your identification, helping visitors, patients, and even your colleagues to easily identify you. Logo embroidery, on the other hand, is usually a personal choice in making ones nurse uniforms customized. Others may prefer emblem pins or insignia tacs to use in place of logo embroidery.

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