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What You Need to Know About Embroidered Lab Coats

By Zaf Udin 10/11/2013 Google+

Anything made of fabric can be added with embroidery including linens, t-shirts, tank tops, towels, pillow cases, and many more. However, this article provides basic information on monogramming options for white lab coats

In the medical world, a personnel's name and designation can be seen on his or her name plate. However, some may choose to indicate this through embroidered tags because of their elegance and practicality

In adding embroidery on a lab coat, it is ideal to add one to two lines of monograms, in which the first line may contain the full name with the terminal degree. For example: John E. Stewart, M.D. Meanwhile, the second line is normally the designation of the professional such as obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon, physical therapist etc. Moreover, the addition of embroidered company logo is also recommended because it is an effective tool for branding and image promotion.

If you are considering adding embroidered name and logo, be certain to look for an online company that uses state-of-the art embroidery technology and proactively works with the customer to ensure that the result will be error-free. Find a company that will embroider the right spelling of your name as well as include the right company logo. Also, be certain that the company will use high-quality thread that will allow the embroidery to preserve its color, even when the lab coat is bleached. Polyester thread is often used because it allows embroidered white lab coats to be bleached without discoloring the logo onto the white uniform.

Apart from the quality of the thread, another essential factor that you need to consider is the density of the stitching. In order to avoid shabby embroidery, you need to make certain that high-density stitching is used or else the white background will be visible through the logo

It is quite absurd to spend on high-end white lab coats only to lessen their value because of low-quality embroidery. You can avoid this by choosing a company that has earned an outstanding reputation when it comes to providing excellent work.

It is ideal to purchase white lab coats from an online store that also offers embroidery service. All you need to do is choose a high-quality lab coat and ask the store to add embroidery to your ordered uniforms. Remember that because you requested for an embroidery service, your ordered items will be delivered in a matter of days. Purchasing embroidered lab coats is now very easy with Pulse Uniform's customer-friendly online shopping and one-stop embroidery services. You can choose from top-quality brands of white lab coats such as White Swan, Cherokee, Dickies, Urbane, and Adar. All these can be embroidered with custom text and logos.

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