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Why Wear Colored Lab Coats?

By Zaf Udin 10/10/2013 Google+

Medical uniforms play a crucial role in scientific and medical laboratories. Because white lab coats have come to be linked with physicians, many workers in other fields have started using colored lab coats

Colored Lab Coats beyond the Medical Industry

Lab coats have important roles in different industries, as they provide first layer of protection to medical and scientific professionals from all types of contaminants. These usually include chemical spills and biological wastes. However, even car technicians wear colored lab coats to protect their underclothes from the oil, grease and gasoline. Aside from doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, those who opt to wear colored lab coats also include chemists, scientists, electricians, and veterinarians.

White Lab Coats vs. Coloured Lab Coats

Because of the symbolism associated with conventional white long lab coat, doctors may tend to prefer the uniform to colored lab coats. Some big hospitals also limit the use of long lab coats to senior physicians, to easily identify them from interns and residents. Intern doctors commonly use blazer lab coats or consultation lab coats.

Meanwhile, laboratory technicians and phlebotomists (professionals who get blood samples for analysis) and others may also wear long lab coats, not only for identification but also for added protection against contamination. Usually, their lab coats have knit cuff sleeves for snugly fit, which helps in avoiding the uniform to get stuck on medical equipment and to avoid dragging the loose sleeves through chemical samples.

On the other hand, psychiatric patients may also not prefer seeing physicians in white lab coats, and child patients may also be stressed by them. Hence, paediatricians and psychiatrists at some medical facilities are advised not to wear white lab coats. The clean, pristine look of white coats may be reassuring to some patients, but for some these uniforms may only trigger anxiety.

Special Features of Lab Coats

Medical lab coats are specially designed to be taken off fast in case of accidental spills. That is why usual knee-length white lab coats are snap closed, while shorter ones are equipped with zippers. The style of lab coats may vary when it comes to pockets, even though many items are added with two spacious patch pockets and a small chest pocket. These pockets are designed to hold pens for easy access

There are also different styles of colored lab coats. These include short length, sleeveless lab vests, long length, fitted coats, and unisex uniforms. Regardless of your style preference, be sure to get a lab coat that can provide protection while you are working as a medical professional.

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