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Now You Can Buy Long Lab Coats with Oversized iPad Pockets

By Zaf Udin 10/13/2013 Google+

As the medical industry goes digital, computer tablets such as iPad are increasingly becoming more popular. A recent study from Black Book Rankings, a healthcare IT analysis agency, shows that more and more doctors prefer digitized records, and hospitals are also beginning to use apps that will help them to take full advantage of their medical capabilities

The use of iPad and other similar tablet devices is also a response of the healthcare industry to the impending regulations from the Affordable Care Act that calls for hospitals to store records digitally. Meanwhile, a 2011 survey of 3,789 doctors conducted by QuantiaMD, an online community of doctors, reveal that getting easy access for electronic medical records (EMR) is the top reason why medical professionals would like to use mobile devices.

Problem: Usual Long Lab Coats Pockets Cannot Contain the iPad

There's just one minor problem with the iPad when used by physicians - the device is a bit large compared to the usual long lab coat pockets. All iPad generations (1st to 4th) have the measurement of 9.56 in. long and 7.47 in. wide. The device cannot fit to the usual lab coats measuring 8.5 in. long and 7.5 in. wide. So, doctors need to carry the device all around while doing rounds, which could be inefficient and inconvenient. There are two solutions to this minor problem.

Solution 1: Oversized Pockets for Medical Lab Coats

Realizing the growing importance of using digital devices in the industry, providers of medical uniforms began producing physician lab coats with spacious pockets that can easily accommodate large computer tablets such as the iPad and other similar android devices. Leading brands that offer long lab coats such as Dickies, Cherokee and Meta have included at least one large iPad pocket, which makes it easier for doctors to tote the device between hospital rounds and lab rooms.

However, some doctors find it not practical to carry such large device, particularly during hectic rounds. Fortunately, there's another solution.

Solution 2: There's the iPad Mini that Fits into Regular Lab Coat Pockets

A 2011 poll conducted by Epocrates, a medical app developer, one third of doctors were willing to purchase the iPad Mini despite of the fact that it was just rumors then. When the iPad Mini was launched in 2012, the medical industry embraced the device because of its size and pocketability.

There are, however, disadvantages of iPad Mini for medical use such as the use of proprietary power connector and the lack of Retina display. There is also no expandable storage, which is important for hospitals that need to store large digitized files of health records


Computer tablets are breakthrough devices in the medical world, and it can make doctors more efficient at work. If you are using the original, larger iPad, you can now easily buy lab coat with oversized pockets. On the other hand, you might prefer an iPad Mini or other smaller devices that can perfectly fit inside regular lab coat pockets.

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