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5 Tips to Keep Your Animal Printed Nursing Scrubs Looking New

By Zaf Udin 10/06/2013 Google+

As a nurse with relaxed dress code, animal print scrubs are probably part of nursing uniform collections. And just like your other workwear, your printed nursing scrubs have to be washed after wear for hygienic reasons. Constant washing of colored and printed uniforms means they become more vulnerable to wear and tear as well as to immediate fading

Although you can find cheap scrubs from various stores, of course you do not want to spend most of your salary buying a new set of uniform. So how can you keep your animal printed nursing scrubs looking new? Below are the five great tips.

1) Treat stains before washing. Because your work often involves contact with blood and other body fluids, it is expected that your scrubs with animal prints will get stained. And if that happens, it is wise to immediately treat the stain to keep it from setting in. Meanwhile for hard-to-remove stain, make sure to use only color-safe bleach.

2) Sort out your nursing scrub before washing. Aside from preventing the spread of pathogens present in your uniform, separating your scrubs into categories is very important to prevent discoloration and unintentional dyeing. Sorting out your uniforms also lets you prevent pilling.

3) Wash your set of scrubs uniform in cold water. Unlike hot water, which causes the dye to leak out, cold water helps trap the dye or color of your printed scrubs so that it will stay where it belongs. Cold water also keep the color from fading and bleeding.

4) As much as possible, hand wash your animal print scrubs. Handwashing is much better than machine because it prevents pilling. But in case you prefer the latter method, make sure to choose a delicate cycle and on the shortest cycle to ensure that your uniforms are treated gently during wash.

5) Do not hang directly in the sun. Line drying your animal printed nursing scrubs directly under the sun is never a good idea. Direct exposure to sun will only cause immediate fading of prints.

Follow the abovementioned washing tips if you want your animal print nursing scrubs look new and last longer.

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