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Why Cartoon Printed Nursing Scrubs are Among the Best Sellers

By Zaf Udin 10/08/2013 Google+

Looking back on the nursing scrubs before, you will notice that most of them come in white. One reason why white was the preferred color for conventional nurse scrubs is it symbolizes cleanliness, which the hospital needs to be. Also, nurses like you appear more professional all the time with all white scrubs

However, there are some nursing professionals who are unhappy of wearing an all white uniform and started to complain regarding the color. Among the chief complaints of nurses about white nursing scrubs is the difficulty to maintain that crisp and clean look. Aside from that, such kind of uniform is uninteresting and brings a negative effect on nurse-patient relationships because there are some patients who feel uncomfortable whenever they see nurses in their professional white wardrobe. To resolve such issue, manufacturers of scrubs started to create multicolored or themed nurse uniforms.

Colorful or themed nurse uniforms just like your favorite cartoon scrubs become more acceptable in the nursing industry because of the gradual changes in fashion styles. Apart from conforming in the latest fashion trends, some studies revealed that wearing themed nursing scrubs for work, including the one with cartoon print designs, can make a positive effect on the emotional responses of your patients, particularly the kids patients and those with white coat syndrome. All medical procedures become smoother and more comfortable for you because the cartoon character designs will serve as a distracter to your patients. Instead of focusing on the procedure that is being done, your patients become more attracted to the cute and adorable cartoon characters printed on your uniform

Apart from the soothing effect of cartoon printed nursing scrubs on your patient, this kind of uniform also let you show who really you are. Most of the time, your personality is taken out within the nursing industry because of your monotonous uniform. But with cartoon scrubs, you are able to show your love for cartoon characters and remember the sweet moments of your childhood days. Moreover, wearing cartoon printed nursing scrubs let you add a little bit of softness and playfulness in your medical environment.

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