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6 Things You Should Not Do on Printed Nursing Scrubs

By Zaf Udin 10/05/2013 Google+

When it comes to wearing uniforms, different companies or industries have implemented certain rules. For instance, if you are in the medical field, wearing of nursing scrubs is highly required. The style and color of the scrubs you have to wear usually depend on your employer. Some employers have a strict dress code while others allow their nurses to wear printed scrubs or scrubs that are more comfortable and relaxed to look at

In case you feel and at the same time your employer allows you to wear printed nursing scrubs, just like carton scrubs, remember that there are still some important things you should be aware of.

� Make sure the scrub top is the only one that comes with prints. The scrub pants should remain in solid color but take note that the color you pick should be available in the printed designs. It is awkward if both the scrub top and pants are printed with cartoon characters because it will make you appear as if you have just got out of bed

� Wearing too much accessorize is not needed. The cartoon characters printed on your nursing scrub top is enough to enhance your overall style. Anyways, aside from a wrist watch with second, other types of accessories are restricted especially if you are assigned in operating room or other critical departments

� No embroidery. It is advantageous to have your name, title, and the logo of your company embroidered on your nursing scrubs for easy identification and for a touch of uniqueness as well. But remember that this only work best on solid color scrub tops and not on printed ones. So if you are planning to customize your cartoon printed tops through embroidery, you better disregard it.

� Although cartoon printed nursing scrubs are nice to look at, never ever wear them while you are in public because there is a big chance that you will be bringing the pathogens inside the hospital which you might acquired in the public streets or vice versa.

� Compared to white or light colored scrubs, the stains on cartoon printed nursing scrubs are not easily noticeable especially if the prints are in dark shades. However, just because the stains are not easily seen on your printed scrubs does not necessarily mean you will not treat them as soon as possible. It is still beneficial to treat the stains before they set in so as not to compromise the color quality of your printed scrubs

� Never compromise the comfort and functionality of your nursing scrubs because they have great designs. Remember that it still best to pick a scrub that allows you to effectively do your job and not leave you practically immobile

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