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Want to Wear Animal Print Scrubs? Know These Things First

By Zaf Udin 10/07/2013 Google+

Some hospitals and physicians do not have a strict dress code for their registered nurses. Their nurse staff can wear any style or design of scrubs uniforms as long as they are able to maintain that hygienic and professional appearance. So if you are one of these nurses who have free rein on your uniform, you are lucky because it means you have enormous choices from solid color to a variety of fashionable patterns and designs such as animal print scrubs

Although you can find cheap scrubs from various stores, of course you do not want to spend most of your salary buying a new set of uniform. So how can you keep your animal printed nursing scrubs looking new? Below are the five great tips.

Although animal print is part of the fashion trend, wearing nursing scrubs with such design is a little risky because it can make you look cheap or tacky. So if you are planning to wear animal print scrubs, be sure to read this article first so you will know how you will look great and fashionable in animal printed nursing uniform.

1) The size of animal prints matters. The size of the animal printed designs on your scrub uniform can significantly affect the illusion of volume you create. Wear animal print scrubs with bigger designs if you want to create more volume of illusion or need some volume in specific body part. Same rule applies for tall nurses. But if you are petite, make sure you are wearing a scrub top with small animal prints to maintain that good balance. Moreover, choose small prints if you are wearing baggy scrubs.

2) As much as possible, stick on solid color scrub pants. It is always best to pair your animal print scrub tops with solid color black pants. Wearing brown pants is also fine. However, if you don't like those two neutral colors and you opt for more colorful bottoms, make sure that the shade you choose for your scrub pants is available in the printed design of your scrub top.

3) Keep away from the pajama look. In any case, never wear twinsets of printed nursing uniform. Pairing your animal print scrub top with another printed scrub pants will only make you look like you just got up from your bed. But if you can't really keep prints out of your pants, you can get one with a very a little print design

4) 4. Never mix the prints. If you prefer to wear scrub pants with a little print, make sure that the design it just the same as on the scrub top. Or if you want to wear accessories, never choose for one with another animal print design. For instance you choose to wear scrub top with cute butterfly prints, make sure you are not wearing a wristwatch with puppy or other animal motifs.

5) 5. Solid simple color accessories are better. Avoid fancy color combinations of accessories when wearing animal print scrub tops. Such accessories will never help enhance your overall look. Instead of colorful accessories, it would be best if you will settle on accessories with simple and solid colors

Other Considerations

Aside from choosing the right size of print design, the right scrub pants to pair, and the right accessories to wear, make sure that you are wearing animal print scrubs that perfectly fit to your body as well as to your workplace. Be sure that your nursing uniforms with animal print designs have breathable fabrics so will stay comfortable while in your shift work.

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