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What Does Your Colored Scrub Say About You

By Zaf Udin 10/02/2013 Google+

Given the many choices for colored scrubs today, many healthcare professionals prefer using nursing uniforms that suit their particular preference. Keeping a wardrobe in the color of your choice has never been easier. If you are one of these nurses that have a particular fascination with a certain color, you might want to check what your colored scrub says about you

Color is a powerful communicator. Psychology holds many theories about how perceptions to a particular color could affect behavior. A study published in 2009 that investigated the association between multicolored scrubs and pediatric patient perception revealed that brightly colored scrubs give the wearer a helpful and friendly aura. An identical study also found that children feel more anxious in the presence of nurses in white uniforms as compared to those wearing a brightly colored scrub. Given the patient's perception, behavior becomes affected in the process. So wearing a nursing uniform that makes your patients feel at ease is very beneficial, both for you and such person.

Your colored scrubs could mean so much to a particular patient. To give you more idea of what you might be communicating with your nursing uniform, here are some of the meanings highly associated with a particular color


This color communicates intense emotion; it even stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing. Patients might perceive its wearer as someone intense and passionate. A very bold red is not really advised for a scrub. Pick one in a lighter shade, like pink, as it is more subtle and confined.


Although blue color communicates tranquil and the complete opposite of red, it has been highly associated with nurses in the past years. So it also entices anxiety especially among pediatric patients.


Colored scrubs in green are easy on the eyes. They are also perceived to be relaxing, so wearing a nursing uniform in this color helps create a friendlier aura to your patients.


Attention getter as it is, yellow colored scrubs suggests optimism. Kids find this color playful and sunny, a good distraction for them to focus on.


This color could appear very artificial as it is rare in nature. But lighter shades of purple attract kid's attention, especially girls. It has a romantic appeal and might give you a sweet, sophisticated aura.


Earth-toned, brown and its lighter shades could be very motherly. Colored scrubs in this shade of color communicate a caring aura, which patients respond to positively

Color, being a strong communicator of certain thoughts and emotions could greatly affect how you might be perceived by your patients. Thus, knowing which one would work for you best would really be of great help. So the next time you are wearing colored scrubs, you would know what it say about you

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