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Secrets to Keep the Pristine Look of Your White Scrub Uniforms

By Zaf Udin 10/02/2013 Google+

Whether you are a nurse or a nursing student, chances are you will need a scrub uniform. Your nursing scrubs color will depend on the healthcare facility where you are working or on the nursing school where you are enrolled. Although fashionable and brightly colored nurse scrubs are now widely accepted in the nursing industry, some hospitals and schools still opt for white scrub uniforms. Wearing white scrubs makes you more identifiable and perceived as professional

However, one common problem that you might encounter with your white nurse uniform is the taxing task on maintaining and ensuring its white, clean, and crisp look all day. So, this article shares you some great tips on how to keep the pristine look of your white scrub uniforms

- Always check the label of your nursing scrubs before washing them for proper instructions. This lets you become aware of any precautions.

- Sort out piles of white scrub uniforms according to fabric type. Nurse scrubs composed of delicate fabrics should be washed by hand.

- For your stained nurse scrubs, treat the stain right away. Stains are easier to remove when they are still fresh.

- When removing stain on your white scrubs uniforms, gently blot the stain instead of rubbing it. Rubbing only further spread the stain.

- Always use a cold water fill when treating stains as hot water makes the stain set in faster.

- Never iron your white scrubs unless the stain is removed or else it will set the stain.

- Use only bleaching solution when dealing with severe and difficult-to-remove stains.

- Never use chlorine bleach as it can only result in yellowing of the fabrics.

- Always wash your white scrub uniforms after treatment to get rid of traces of stain remover.

- Use only a mild anti-bacterial liquid detergent when washing your uniform as most white scrubs are made of wash and wear fabric.

- Adding fabric softener to your scrubs is not a good idea as softener can change the fabric's feel causing wrinkles.

- If you live in sunny place, take advantage of the sun and line dry your white nursing scrub uniforms as bright sunlight is also known as the best killer of bacteria.

- If you cannot avoid throwing your scrubs in the dryer, be sure to use only the lowest possible setting to prevent shrinking.

By carefully and regularly washing your white scrub uniform, you are not only preserving its quality. You are also preventing the spread of pathogens.

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