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How to Spice Up Your White Nursing Uniforms

By Zaf Udin 10/01/2013 Google+

Nursing uniforms nowadays are far more functional and stylish than their older versions. Gone are those days of bulky, boring and sometimes eccentric nursing uniforms. Well thought designs have evolved and gave way to the modern white scrubs that many nurses and healthcare professionals use today

With the many innovative white uniforms available for you today, ending up looking quite alike other nurses would be unavoidable. That doesn't sound so appealing right? So how do you spice up your white nursing uniforms to achieve a look and a style that's definitely just yours? Well here are some tips that might help you...

White scrubs are not all the same, find your specific style.

There are many brands and work wear designers that come up with functional and equally stylish scrubs that fit particular preferences. There are girly looking ones, with all those added laces and floral embroidery. There are white scrubs that also simply have nice crisp cuts and clean silhouette for a smart, fuss-free look. The choices are virtually endless granted the number of medical brands and designers on the market. The key is simply to find what makes you feel comfortable at work. Some would say that you expand your wardrobe in white, but thing is, it is best to stick with fashionable uniforms you are comfortable wearing. Looking smart and confident at work starts with feeling sure of what you wear. If you still have no idea, browsing some online nursing magazines and websites might help.

Know the No-no's In Whites

White uniforms usually reveal much of a woman's body contour, this is because white is very light and is easily perceived by the eyes. Although it flatters; looking smart, confident and stylish at work also requires a high sense of decency. Picking white scrubs made with thick fabrics help keep the uniforms look decent.

Befriend Bleach as Whites are Best Kept White.

White uniforms are meant to be white. Having unwanted spots and stains though is but a part of the profession. You might put much effort on avoiding anything that could cause stains on your white scrubs, but there would just be those icky instances. To help you maintain your uniform, it is best to find bleach powerful enough to remove tough stains, yet mild on the fabric. Too much bleaching might cause premature aging of the uniform but once done properly, it can help maintain the scrubs' good condition

In the end; keeping up your preferred style is easy nowadays - even with white nursing uniforms. Spicing up your white scrubs is but like spicing up as well your career life. There is so much delight in wearing something that you are happy about because it helps bring about a happier aura, a kind of persona that your patients and colleagues would surely appreciate.

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