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Alternatives for Removing Blood Stains from White Nursing Uniforms

By Zaf Udin 10/05/2013 Google+

Getting an occasional splash of blood on your work wear is but a part of the healthcare profession; and getting used to it isn't that hard. Although, cleaning them away is another story. Removing blood stains from white nursing uniforms isn't something that you would like to be worrying after a busy shift, don't you?

Good thing is; there are certain bleaching alternatives that you might try before being able to wash and totally bleach your scrubs. These alternatives would also help lessen the bad effects of too much bleaching. Your white nursing uniforms would require lesser wash time and bleaching once these other options are used prior to washing.

These alternatives are commonly used at homes and work places, thus it would be easy using them. Blood stains are hard to remove once they have dried already, thus being able to remove them immediately after having been stained is advantageous. Here are some remedies you might try...

BATHSOAP. Once the blood has rested on a particular area; run cold water first, rub it with a bath soap and scrub. Even hardened blood can be removed by most bath soaps, so if done immediately after contact, chances of easily scrubbing the stain away is high. Rinse with cold water after. For best results, wash your nursing uniform again with your preferred detergent

SHAMPOO. The same wonder in removing blood stains from white nursing uniforms is also secretly held by shampoos. Simply pour on the stained area and leave for about 20 minutes and let the wonder work. Scrub and wash the stain away after. You might have to wash it again with your preferred detergent though as the fragrance might stay on.

MILK. Not just a good source of calcium, milk is also a very effective blood stain remover. Simply soak the stained part of your work wear for a length of time you can afford. Before long, milk would react with the blood and it would be easier washing the stain. You might still have to bleach the uniform after, but it would require lesser wash time - and the results are better.

DISH WASHING LIQUID. This usually does the trick, in no time. Dish washing liquids are highly formulated to wash away virtually any stain, so using it on your white nursing uniform to scrub away blood would be easy. Simply soak a bit, scrub and rinse. If the dish washing liquid is colored or is fragrant-formulated, your regular detergent for the uniform would do the trick.

VINEGAR. This kitchen staple is a good blood stain remover as well. Simply pour vinegar directly to the stained area and blot with a sponge of a damp cloth until the blood is gone. Soaking it for quite a time with this flavoring chemical is also okay, provided the uniform would be washed again to remove the odor.

Taking care of your medical wear, especially white nursing uniforms could sometimes take a toll on your busy schedule. Juggling work and other things could sometimes be hard, so little tricks to lighten the load really help. Hopefully these little know-how's helps you in keeping those medical uniforms on great condition.

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