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How to Look Stylish with White Nursing Scrubs

By Zaf Udin 10/03/2013 Google+

Although nursing uniforms have evolved over time, there are still a few healthcare employers who prefer their nurse staff to wear uniforms that are white. But this time, instead of a long white scrub skirt or dress, nurses wear white nursing scrubs

Healthcare employers believe that wearing white scrub uniforms is the easiest way to keep their staff look more professional and clean all the time. Based on some surveys, healthcare employees in white nursing scrubs are considered by patients to be the most professional staff. Moreover, all white scrubs portray cleanliness that provides assurance to patients and families particularly when hospital-acquired infections are widely feared

However, just because your workplace policy chooses white as the most preferred color of scrubs does not mean that you are bound to boring and monotonous uniform. So how can you look fashionable but still professional with nursing white scrubs? Here are some helpful guides

For scrub tops

- Look for a scrub top that is tailored cut to fit your contours. You can have a tailored mock wrap, a top with tieback, or in empire waistline. Such styles of scrub tops are usually cut to follow the contours of your body for a flattering shape and at the same time provide you with full range of motion. Moreover, tailored cut white nursing scrubs keep you away from blending into the walls.

- Find a scrub top styled with interesting neckline. Instead of a traditional and plain v-neck top, better settle for a v-neck with embroidery or a scoop neck top with pleats for a more feminine appearance. A white nursing scrub top in square neckline is also a good pick.

- Choose a scrub top that has unique accents such as piping, ribbon, ruffles, merrow stitching, pintucks. These embellishments are guaranteed to add a touch of individuality to white nursing scrub top.

For scrub pants

- Stay away from conventional unisex style scrub pants. These boxy styled pants will never make you look great especially if you are petite. Rather than choosing unisex scrub pants, look for a pair of bottoms that enhances your feminine shape like flare leg scrub pants. Or you may also choose scrub pants in boot cut.

- Look for scrub pants with stylish and more pockets, just like cargo scrub pants. These several pockets do not only provide you an additional storage but add a touch of style on your outfits.

- Select a pair of white nursing scrub pants with a more comfortable waistline. Aside from drawstring or elastic waist, you can also find scrub pants with elastic waist at the back and drawstring in front.

There are plenty of truly stylish and fashionable white nursing scrubs from top-of-the-line medical apparel brands. They are available in the market now. You can even find these products in various online stores. So all you need is to look for a style that suits your personal taste, budget, and at the same time adhere to the dress code policies in your workplace.

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