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Adding Embroidery on Nursing Scrubs: Why is it a Good Idea?

By Zaf Udin 10/06/2013 Google+

Some hospitals are implementing color-coded nursing scrubs by role. Such mandate is made in order to easily identify a nurse from other hospital staff. Most of the time these health care centers with strict dress code policy would restrict patterns or prints on uniforms and allow only solid color ones.

Just because your employer has an obvious restrictions on printed scrubs or those with pattern designs does not necessarily mean you can no longer show off your sense of style. In fact, you can always have a uniform that stands out because there are still some solid scrubs that are stylishly designed with accents, ruffles, and other embellishments. Some of the white and colored nursing scrubs are loaded with details that help enhance your feminine shape

However, if your employer is very strict also when it comes to the styles of your nursing uniform, do not worry much. Adding embroidery is another option for you to make a big difference in the appearance of your solid color scrubs. There are actually several advantages if you allow embroideries on your nursing scrubs. One is helping in promoting the brand name of your company. Second is making it easy to identify from others. Third is adding a little touch of style on your uniform. Fourth is enhancing your professional look

When you add the logo of the health care center where you are working on your nursing, you are not only adding a unique touch on your uniform. You are also are also promoting the brand name of your company because you are carrying its logo. Therefore, the families and visitors of the patients admitted in your hospital will get familiar of your institution. Aside from that, you are also making a statement that you are proud of being a part of that institution

When you add your name and title on your scrubs uniform, it makes much easier for patients to identify who is really attending to them. This way, patients can immediately pinpoint the right person in case they have some concerns or complaints. Having your name and title embroidered also makes your nursing scrubs look more personalized. And lastly, having a clean and crisp embroidered logo, name, and title on nursing scrubs makes your uniform look classy and professional.

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