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Useful Tips When Selecting Nursing Scrubs

By Zaf Udin 10/07/2013 Google+

As a nurse working with the public, it is imperative to look clean and professional all the time. This is exactly the reason why you have a specific workwear - your nursing scrubs. You have to wear them all the time in order to keep you protected against possible contamination. Your scrubs also help you maintain that professional look, which is highly needed in every nurse

But aside from these primary functions, your nursing scrubs can also enhance your sense of style. That is if you are able to find one that flatters your body. So how can you make sure that you are wearing the right printed scrubs for your body shape? Check out below for some useful tips.

Pear Figure

If you have a pear-figured body, your main objective is to highlight your upper body because majority of your weight is in the lower half - below your waist, around your hips. And the best solution to keep your upper and lower body in proportion is to wear nursing scrub tops styled to add a bit of volume to your upper body and minimize your lower half. You can wear elegantly designed or nicely printed nursing scrub top. You can also pick those scrub tops that show off your curves like the one in empire or mock wrap styling. With such kind of nursing scrubs, the attention is drawn more on your upper body

Full Figure

If you have that full figure, you are carrying most of your weight in the middle of your body. So, your primary goal is defining your body shape to create the best possible look. Although nursing scrubs in dark solid hues are the best for you, it does not necessarily mean you have to avoid printed ones. You can still look good on printed nursing scrubs as long as you they are designed relatively simple - no layers of ruffles, no embellishments, and no big prints. You can wear animal printed nursing scrub tops but make sure the print designs are quite small. When it comes to styles, empire waist and mock wrap nursing scrub tops are among the great options because such styles help you create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Curvy Figure

If you have an almost perfectly balanced body figure, you main goal is to make sure that your waist is always well-defined. Therefore, look for nursing scrub tops that are slim and cut close to the body. Scrub tops with belt accents or those with release tucks and back smocking at the waist are great because these fashionable add-ons help keep the eye on your lovely waist. Similarly, scrub tops with clearly defined and fitted waistlines or mock wrap tops make you look nice

Boyish Figure

If you have a boyish figure (meaning straight and narrow up and down), your main goal definitely is to create womanly curves and definition. Therefore, you have to work on your bust and hips. And one great solution for this is to find nursing scrub top that adds volume to your upper body. You can wear scrubs that come with ruffles, puff sleeves, or heavy embellishments. Form-fitting scrub tops with bold animal prints like zebra print or intricate pattern also offer you a feminine boost to your figure.

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