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Want the Best Medical Scrubs? These Four Things Really Matters

By Zaf Udin 10/13/2013 Google+

Medical scrubs are not made to last forever. Thus, there will always come a time that you have to buy for a new set just to keep that smart and professional look while at work. But with today's variety of scrubs available both in online and offline uniform shops, selecting for a perfect set of medical scrubs is certainly not an easy job because each has pluses and minuses. But if you know the vital things to look in scrubs, everything will be effortless

Here are some guides on how to easily choose the perfect medical scrubs if you have a relax dress code

Pick for the best color and designs

Just because medical scrubs are available in a wide array of colors and designs does not mean you can pick any of them. It is important that you know what palette is best for you to ensure that your scrubs color go well with to your complexion. Remember also that as a nurse, helping patients for faster recovery is part of your job. Therefore, make sure that the color you picked is something that will make your patients feel calm and relax. Scrubs with vivid shades and cheerful designs like bold cartoon characters are best to wear especially when in pediatric room

Consider the fabric

When choosing a fabric, you should not only consider your personal preference but also the type of work you will be doing. Medical scrubs with great fabric are those that give you freedom of movement and full range of motion while doing your job, durable enough to endure many wearing, have the ability to resist stains and bodily fluids and are easy to care. If you find all these outstanding fabric qualities, then you have one of the best medical scrubs.

Look for more pockets

As a nurse, you will be carrying different stuffs that are essential in accomplishing your nursing task such as stethoscope, scissors, bandages, thermometer, pens, and the likes. At times, you would also like to keep mobile phones handy. So for pocket options, it is beneficial if your scrubs have enough storage to accommodate all your essential items. Aside from basic scrubs with patch and slash pockets, you can also find medical scrub pants designed with two or more cargo pockets

Consider your budget

When it is time to change your medical scrubs, budget is certainly one of the considerations you cannot ignore. The medical scrubs you choose should not only comfortable and durable to wear. They should suit to your budget as well. The decision about investing on cheap scrubs or expensive scrubs will basically depend on the type of your work. For instance, if you are assigned in the operating room or you think your scrubs tend to get stained quickly, it is wiser to invest for a cheaper set of medical scrubs. But if your work is in the clinic and you are not open to stain or spills, investing for expensive ones are just fine because you can wear them longer

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