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Tips on Buying Your First Professional Nursing Uniform

By Zaf Udin 10/09/2013 Google+

So you landed on your first job as a licensed and professional nurse - and the excitement is just way on top. You might be thinking about many things now; stuffs like, who you might be working with sooner, things to bring to your locker, perhaps even the commute to work. One thing that you are definitely going to spend time figuring out is your first work wear. So to help you out, here are some tips on buying your first professional nursing uniform. Get the right scrubs and nursing dresses for you and your work by going through these five things to consider

1. Employer's Dress Code

There might be a possibility that your employer is among the few US hospitals that require the white nursing dress code, so it would be best to check details first before shopping for your first work wear. Others also have company issued scrubs and uniforms, so you might have to check on it, as well. There are even others that have color coded uniforms for work. Some hospitals assign a particular color to a certain department for easy recognition. Following what the hospital requires from its employees is a necessity, so checking them out would be really helpful. Once aware of the details, it would be easier looking for your first nursing uniform for work.

2. Colors and Fabrics

Scrubs come in different colors, fabrics and even prints nowadays. You can play with your own style with lots of options from many vendors. When picking your first nursing uniform, it would be best to consider the color and its fabric.

Colors: Choose shades that compliment well your skin type and your body type. The lighter the color, the better it looks on a dark skin tone. Tanned nurses might like pastel colors while those with a lighter skin tone would look great on almost any shade. Take note as well of the slimming effect of dark colors. If you are a plus size, the darker the uniform is the better.

Fabrics: A variety of fabrics; such as cotton, cotton with lycra, cotton-polyester blends, spandex and more are available for most uniform. Choose one that suits your work requirements. Cotton is commonly opted because of the comfort it provides while polyester is chosen mostly by those who like sturdy materials.

3. Comfort First

Nursing uniforms come in varied styles, but before getting one that would uniquely suit your preference, consider comfort first. You would be using this uniform for most of the time on a busy environment, thus feeling comfortable on it is a huge help. Take note of breathability, freedom in movement and storage spaces. A utilitarian uniform is highly appreciated at work.

4. Style and Design

Feeling great about yourself while at work can be also associated with how confident you are on your nursing uniform. You might want to take time figuring out what type of pants look great on you. Check different scrub tops and nursing dresses to find that one style that covers well and still look great on your body type. Know which neckline, sleeve length, etc. suits you best. A particular style usually suits well a particular body type; once you have figured out yours, stick with it.

5. Maintenance

Lucky are those nurses who work with hospitals that have in-house laundry services. But for the most, maintaining a nursing uniform on its tip-top shape is a personal task. So take note of how easy it is to wash the uniform you would be buying. Would it be convenient for you to get a white uniform which get visible stains often than colored ones? Would you be okay washing a certain fabric separately? These are just some of the questions to ask before finally deciding to buy that first nursing uniform of yours.

Working for the first time as a licensed professional is really exciting. Hopefully, these tips when buying your first professional nursing uniform help you prepare well for you to enjoy not just your first day but the rest of your career.

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