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Are You Wearing the Right Scrubs for You? Ways to Tell

By Zaf Udin 10/11/2013 Google+

Nursing scrubs have been part of the essential outfits of every nurse around. Wearing scrubs for nursing work offers several advantages such as allowing you to be easily identified in a crowded hospital, protecting you from disease-causing microorganisms and at the same time letting you feel and move comfortably while at work. Wearing nursing scrubs for work also helps you enhance that professional image, which has become an increasingly important concept in nursing

In building that professional identity, do you know that the scrubs you pick can make a significant impact? Yes, that's true! If you are able to pick the right scrub tops and scrub pants to wear for work, maintaining that smart, clean and professional look will be always be effortless. So how will you know whether or not you are wearing the right scrubs? Below are some pointers.

� If there is a strict dress code in the hospital you are working, the style, design, and color of your scrub top and scrub pants must adhere to it

� If you are assigned in the operating room, always make sure your nursing scrubs are well-sterilized before wearing them. It is much better if you will wear disposable nursing scrubs to ensure they are 100% sterile. Disposable scrubs also help stop possible contamination. Moreover, disposable scrubs are more economical than reusable ones

� If you want to look more fashion, wear printed scrub pants. Just make sure to remain in solid scrub pants so you will not be appearing as if you have just got out of the bed. Ensure also that the colors of your scrub pants match up to or are available in the printed designs of your scrub top.

� If you are assigned in the pediatric room, wear nursing scrubs in vivid colors or those with adorable prints. Almost all children are lovers of cartoon characters so you can have cartoon scrubs. Your kids patients will surely enjoy looking at the adorable cartoon characters printed on your scrubs instead of focusing on their attention to the ongoing medical procedure

� If you are a petite, tall, or plus size, look for nursing scrubs that exactly fit your size. Nursing scrubs, particularly scrub pants, now come in wide variety of sizes such as petite, regular and tall so there is no reason not to have a uniform that is tailor-made for your body

� If you want a little style or uniqueness on your solid color nursing scrubs, personalize them by getting your name and title embroidered on it. You can also add a logo or a monogram for a polished and professional look on your scrubs

� If you think you have a very powerful appearance in bright colored tops, look for undertones if the hospital has no strict rule on colors. You can also mellow done your appearance by wearing scrub pants in neutral colors.

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