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Guide to Choosing the Best Cargo Scrub Pants for You

By Zaf Udin 10/04/2013 Google+

Cargo pants are originally worn for outdoor activities. But do you know that such style has now invaded the hospitals? In fact, both male and female nursing professionals consider cargo scrubs pants as one of the trendiest and most functional styles of work pants. Trendy and functional because of the numerous pockets that cargo scrub pants have. These pockets do not only add a little style but also allow you to carry all of your essential stuff around.

However, with so many varieties of scrubs available in the uniform shops today, finding for the best cargo scrub pants can be a daunting task. So to make it easy for you to select which style of cargo scrub pants is best for your body, below are some pointers you need to consider

Drawstring vs Elastic Waist

Cargo scrub pants also come in two popular waist closures - the drawstring and the elastic waist. Traditional drawstring pants are always the best pick if your job involves a lot of movement or if your body is a little big. The drawstring allows you to easily adjust the waistline of your cargo scrub pants for maximum comfort. Pants with elastic waist, on the other hand, are fine if your job does not involve a lot of movement and you hate tying or re-typing all day. Just make sure the elastic band fit nicely around your waist. But if you want these two waist closures in your scrub pants, that is possible now because some scrub manufacturers offer cargo scrub pants with elastic back and drawstring in the front.

Straight Leg vs Flare Leg

The leg cut is the actual shape of your pants. And if you are able to choose the correct pants leg cut, it can flatter your unique body shape. Cargo scrub pants, just like any other types of workwear pants, are also available in a variety of leg cuts. But the most common are straight leg and flare leg. If you want to appear to be more professional, choose cargo scrub pants in traditional straight leg. Straight leg pants with crease in front are also great if you want to create a long, lean look. Meanwhile, cargo pants in flare leg cut are the best pick if you want to give more shape to your legs and at the same time love that stylish, modern look. Scrubs with such kind of leg cut is also great if you are plus size because the wide-leg hem helps balance your body

Low Rise vs High Rise

The rise is the distance from the middle of crotch seam to the top of the waistband. It is always important to consider the pant rise because this determines where the scrub pants sit on the hip/waist and it helps counterbalance your torso-leg proportions. So, if you have a longer torso and big belly, cargo scrub pants in high rise is ideal for you. Low rise cargo pants, on the other hand, are great if you have shorter torso as well as smaller hips and butt