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Guide to Finding the Right Tall Scrub Pants for You

By Zaf Udin 10/17/2013 Google+

If you are one of those nurses blessed with a height advantage, finding the right tall scrub pants can be a challenge. Opting for regular lengths often result to having a funny fit, unless you wear them low on the hip; but doing so also results to discomfort in moving or bending. Regular pants just don't fit well.

In the past, many tall lady healthcare professionals buy men's sizes to get at least a good length. But men's scrubs are designed differently, so it usually results to discomfort at the waist and hip area. The choice for the color is also very limited with men's scrubs. Fortunately, many medical brands have started to develop tall scrub pants especially made for women.

Unisex pants with provisions for the tall professionals have also been developed. These unisex pants usually come with adjustable drawstring designs to appropriately fit. Unisex tall nursing pants usually come in core colors that also suit the tastes of both genders. Nowadays, many lady professionals actually like buying these designs.

With these options you are now freer to select designs that suit your preference. A lot of manufacturers have started producing well loved designs in tall versions. Checking with your favorite brands online might lead you to finding styles that are specifically made for you. Nowadays, tall scrub pants can be available with flare leg designs, cargo pockets, slim fitting legs and so much more. Your fashion sense would rarely be compromised.

But to really find the right tall nursing pants for your height and body type, here's a final list of things that you might like to consider.

Inseam length: Depending on a design or a brand, tall scrub pants might come in different inseam lengths. Others have their tall nursing pants in 33 to 34 inches. There are some that offer 36 inches. See which of these fit well on you.

Inseam is measured from the base of the crotch to the bottom of your pant leg at the seam. To get your exact inseam length, lay a pair of pants that fit you well. Measure them from point where the inner legs come together to the opening at the bottom of the pant

Waistline: The usual designs for tall nursing pants are either low rise of mid-rise; although you can also see high rise tall scrub pants. Stick on the design you feel most comfortable wearing. This also affects the way you consider the inseam length. Low rise pants have the tendency to drape on the sole, so making sure that the length is exactly the same with your height is necessary

Style and Design: If you are lean and tall, slim fitting tall scrub pants would look great on you. But if you are a bit curvy and tall, choosing scrub pants with flare leg design provides more balance to your look. Cargo pockets also look great with you.

As for anybody type, choosing tall scrubs pants with slits or vents at the hem also allows more freedom in movement.

Check out styles and design before finally buying one. Proportion is the key in achieving a full professional look with your scrubs.

Once you have found a design that you truly like, explore as well the brand for more. Sticking with a particular manufacturer that has the right size of tall scrub pants for you would be of great help. Finally, to prevent any shrinkage in pants that fit you well, don't put them in the dryer. Flat drying or hanging them up is best advised

Especially made scrub pants should give you the confidence and comfort at work. So sticking with tall scrub pants from brands that provide you great fit would really be advantageous, at your end.

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