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Finding The Right Petite Scrub Pants For You

By Zaf Udin 10/03/2013 Google+

Fit and proportion are the key factors in achieving a great look. Unfortunately though, petite nursing professionals usually find it hard looking for the right fitting uniforms for their body type. Shopping from regular sized nursing uniforms requires opting for the smallest of sizes, which is quite tedious. Luckily, a number of medical brands have added into their line of work wear, scrubs and nursing uniforms in petite sizes. These especially made work wear come in sizes, styles and cut that suit well petite nurses

So when looking for the right petite scrub pants for yourself; check on brands that offer these work wear in such particular sizing. And to help you out pick which one would service you well; here are some things that you might want to keep in mind before finally cashing out.

KNOW YOUR EXACT SIZE. Petite scrub pants come in shorter lengths than the usual scrub pants. But it is best to know its exact length, as some brands offer 28 inches and others a bit longer for its inseam length. Although you might opt pulling it up a bit on the waist, having an exact fitting length is better.

You should also check the waistline's style. A low rise scrub pants should measure shorter than regular and high-rise pants. The pants' inseam length should go exactly with your height; after all it's the reason why you are buying petite pants

MIND THE DETAILS. The features of your petite scrub pants also affect the way it looks on you. So before picking that multi-pocket cargo styled scrub pants, think about how it would look on you once filled up. Cargo style scrub pants are no doubt functional, but it is the least great looking design for you especially if the pockets get filled. A petite professional looks taller with smooth flowing pants. Sticking with the conventional two-pocket petite scrub pants would be better.

If you are also a bit curvy and thick, a flare leg design would give you a more proportioned look. Those with thin and lean legs can stick with slim fitting or regular cut scrub pants.

Petite scrub pants with drawstring waistline also work well than those with an all around elastic waist. This is because adjusting into your right fit would be easy. If you find one that fuses both these designs though, such is the best choice as it offers adjustable fit and comfort altogether

Vented leg hem provide freedom in movement, but sticking with a non-vented scrub pants works well with petites. Remember that petite professionals look taller with smooth flowing pants, so a break at the hem breaks this rule.

FIND YOUR COLOR. Dark colored petite scrub pants create a sleeker and thinner line, adding to illusion of making you look taller. So picking colored nursing pants in the likes of blue, navy, black, brown and others help elongate your legs. If it is white pants you are required to use, pick one with a thicker fabric for a far more solid appeal.

Check online shops and your favorite nursing wear store for these - and find the right fitting petite scrub pants just for yourself. Looking great on a nursing uniform is one, but feeling totally comfortable and confident in one takes the story far more. Working efficiently would be easier with the right outfit.

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