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How to Find the Best Scrub Pants For Your Body Type

By Zaf Udin 10/15/2013 Google+

Staying on top of your game is definitely easy if you are feeling comfortable and confident of what you are wearing. This isn't really such a big secret, especially to career women of our time. Ladies of the healthcare profession know the value of wearing medical uniforms that fully adapt to their work requirements and personal style

It is a fact though that granted the wide range of choices in the market, choosing the right suiting nursing uniforms could be quite a job! So to save you some time and effort, here are some pointers on how to pick the right scrub pants for your body type.

If you are tall and lean, choosing the likes of boot cut nursing pants is advised. Scrubs in skinny or straight leg designs are also great choices. Just remember to choose a pair of pants with hems falling at the bottom of your heels as this manages the balance of your look. Brands commonly offer scrub pants with an inseam of 36 inches, which would definitely suit you best.

If you are curvy, flares are the best choices. Your hour glass shaped body needs a pair of wide-leg nursing pants that usually come with wider waistbands for comfort. Your curvy hips are accentuated while the legs are given much room for movement. Some nursing scrub pant comes with reengineered hip areas to provide utmost comfort, these are best for you.

If you are boy shaped, nursing pants that create a shapely illusion are best for you. High-waist pants are your friend as these are best for your kind of body type. Slim, high-waisted nursing pants paired with a fitted scrub top would definitely do the trick for you. Scrub pants especially made for tall nursing professionals are also the best range to choose from since these are usually made for your body type.

If you are plus size, opting for a more streamlined look is best. This can be done by sticking up with nursing pants with wide legs (flares) and creases. A flat front design is also a great option. To add more balance into your wardrobe; when choosing solid color pants, opt for black and dark tones as this looks slimmer. Cargo-styled nursing pants are to be avoided as these look bulky and drab on you.

If you are petite, opting for the pants especially made for your body type is the best advice. Many medical brands make scrub pants with proportionally altered lengths to give you a balanced look. Petite nursing scrub pants in skinny or straight leg designs are the best uniforms for you to sport. Opting for those with darker tones of color also give a higher chance of creating a taller illusion, so stick with black, navy and the likes when shopping for solid color pants.

No matter what your body type is, there are nursing pants that would sure fit comfortably and perfectly. A little knowledge of what goes well with who spells a whole lot of difference at work. After all, a well dressed healthcare professional has more time to effectively perform her tasks as she spends no time on worrying about her scrubs pants.

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