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Styles of Scrubs that Make You Look Trendy

By Zaf Udin 10/07/2013 Google+

When you have an enormous variety of scrubs collections to choose from, it becomes tricky to pick the most perfect and the most stylish out of them. But if you know what exactly you need in your nursing scrubs, then such activity becomes effortless

For instance, you want to look more fashionable in your uniform but your employer mandates you to stay wearing solid color scrubs. How can you add enhance your sense of style on your uniform without break the uniform guidelines of your employer? Suggested below are styles of nursing scrubs, scrub pants in particular, which guarantee you a trendy and professional look? Check out below

• Flare leg scrub pants - Nothing is more stylish and fresh than flare leg scrub pants. The flare leg cut enhances the shape of your legs and at the same time gives you a more feminine look. And if you match these with fashionable or printed top, having that trendy and modern look is just so easy to achieve

• Straight leg scrub pants - Do you love that traditionalist look? Straight leg scrub pants are the perfect style for you. This conventional style of pants when designed with creases can also help you instantly create a longer and leaner appearance. Another good thing about straight leg pants is that they go well with any style of scrub top.

• Boot cut scrub pants - If you want a more casual look, then boot cut scrub pants are the best pick. Whether you have are curvy or a more boyish figure, this style of scrub pants will always look good to you. If you are curvy, the boot cut style helps even out your curves while if you have a boyish figure, it will add some curves to your shape

• Cargo scrub pants - Another comfortable scrub pants that will keep you in style. Aside from adding style to your scrub pants, the numerous cargo pockets also provide you enough storage for your essential tools.

• Skinny scrubs - There are some scrubs manufacturers that include skinny scrub pants in their collection. Such style is among the latest trend and it is one of the best options if you have a shorter stature because this gives you the illusion of taller height

The moment that you have decided for the style, it is also a must to determine which pants rise is best for you. The pants rise, which is the distance from your crotch to your natural waistline, can also make or break your overall style and look. There are basically three types of scrub pants rise - low rise, mid-rise, and high rise. If you are the type of person who has an extra padding around the waist, simply choose from scrub pants in mid-rise or high rise. Mid-rise or high rise pants help smoothen out your figure by stopping your flabby midsection from spilling above the waistline. However, if you among those people who have a curvy shape or your body has no extra fat hanging out, wearing low rise scrub pant are best for you