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How to Keep Your White Scrub Pants, White

By Zaf Udin 10/15/2013 Google+

A lot of healthcare professionals prefer the conventional white nursing uniforms for their work wear. This might be due to the fact that nothing really compares to the spotless clean that white brings in. No other color has that perfectly sterile appeal than white

Thanks to the many medical brands now, having updated and modern looking white uniforms is easy. A lot of styles are now available for your choosing. Let's take your pants for example. How many white scrub pants do you really have for work? If you are one of these professionals who like wearing white nursing uniforms, chances are, you have quite a few. Chances are, as well, that you have had icky problems, too, in maintaining its spotless color.

To help you out, here's a rundown of some reminders that might help you keep your white scrub pants looking great and yes, white as it deserves to be.

Wearing Them On:

Your nursing scrub pants experience the most of the beating while worn at work. White scrub pants are easily stained, that's a fact that you are fully aware. But there actually are some things that you might do or avoid to lessen the chances of staining and soiling of these pants

Pens. Keeping pens on the pocket of your white scrub pants increases the chance of getting an ink spill because the pants usually move with your body. Instead opt for putting your pen on pen holders on your scrub top, where it is freer from being shaken.

Keys, phone and other personal items. Keep away your pants from these as they increase the instances of hand contact with the fabric. Instead, keep them on your locker, or if unavoidable, only on one of the pants pockets.

Medicines. Making use of your pants pockets to keep medicines, especially bottled ones increases that chance of getting a spill - and a stain. Use a medicine tray instead.

Staying cautious and aware of possible stain-inflicting substances at work also help prevent getting an icky stain. Your white scrub pants would last longer if well kept, even while worn at work.

Washing your White Scrub Pants:

Bleaching has always been a solution for tough stains. But if you need not to remove any stubborn stain, washing your scrub pants with a regular detergent would already to the trick. Bleach only when necessary, as heavily treated white scrub pants age easily and faster.

Keeping Them:

If you have a couple of white nursing uniforms, it is best to keep a particular section of your dresser only for them. Pants can either be folded or hung on a wardrobe, but mixing them with other regular clothes increases the chance of them being tossed and turned when searching for other items. Keep them at their best condition by providing a separate space only for them.

Your white scrub pants and your nursing uniform as a whole would say a lot about you as a professional. With these tips, hopefully keeping them at their best condition has become easier for you.

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