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10 Things to Consider Before Buying Plus Size Scrubs for Women

24 October

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Plus Size Scrubs for Women

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Plus Size Scrubs For Women

As we all know, women come in all shapes and sizes. From the skinny models to curvy beauties, women are a part of every profession. By 2015 the medical task force comprised of 46% women doctors and yet one of the most common problems faced unanimously is to find the right fitting scrubs.

Not only are well fitting scrubs difficult to find for average sized ladies, but this task becomes even more challenging for plus size women as they come in a wider range of body shapes. So as plus size women, what are the thing that we should consider before buying plus size scrubs for women? Here are 10 things to look out for before your next purchase.

1.Understanding Body Type:

For a medical professional it is important to understand that optimum professional functionality depends not only on our abilities, but also on the comfortability of our uniforms. Thus in order to get the most out of a uniform the first thing we need to know as a plus size woman is our body type.

Plus size women come in 6 basic shapes, they are: round, rectangle, diamond, hourglass, pear, inverted triangle and knowing what shape you are can be the difference between flattering and ill-fitting scrubs. A basic guide to the type of body shape you have are:


Luscious ladies of this body type have hips and shoulders that are a similar width with rounded shoulders, flat hips and buttocks. They also have an undefined full waist with a larger bust.


Plus sized ladies of this beautiful body type have hips and shoulders that are of similar width and smaller bust. They have an undefined waist and a straight shape from top to bottom. They also have flat hips and buttocks.


Ladies with this glamorous body type have hips that are wider than the shoulders. They also have a smaller bust, a wider waist, thicker thighs and flat buttocks


Ladies with this fabulous body shape have a well-proportioned body with hips and shoulders that are a similar width. They also have full bust and buttocks with a well- defined waist that is proportional to thick thighs.


A beautifully pear shaped body type has smaller bust with narrower shoulders. The waist is usually wider than the bust and narrower than the hips. This body type also has wider hips, buttocks, and thicker thighs.

Inverted triangle:

Ladies rocking this body type have wider shoulders and bigger bust with squared shoulders, an undefined waist, narrow hips and buttocks. They also have slender thighs.

2.Fabric Selection:

In a medical facility the temperature can change rapidly based on the temperature outside and inside the facility, along with the activity being conducted. This is why we much chose the right type if fabric for our scrubs to ensure functionality as well as comfort. There are five major kinds of fabric that are used to make scrubs. They are:


Cotton is a natural fabric that breathes and feels fresh. It is lightweight, soft, thin and flattering. However, the dyes fade away quickly and the material can shrink and wrinkle easily.


Spandex has the ability to stretch and feels very comfortable. It is also resistant to perspiration and pilling.


Micro-fiber fabric is soft to touch. This material is comfortable and does not irritate the skin during vigorous activities in the medical facility.


Polyester is a synthetic and durable material that can be washed and used many times before breaking down. However, it is moisture resistant and non-absorbent so tends to trap in heat and sweat. It can also buildup static and is rougher against the skin.


Rayon is a semi-synthetic material that drapes well and has a silky look. It however is prone to shrinking or stretching when wet and can wrinkles. It is not durable.

Scrubs usually are made from a combination of these materials as any singular one would not be sufficient. Thus it is important for plus size women to check the fabric makeup before buying their plus size scrubs so they can be comfortable and functional.


The necklines on the scrubs can make a lot of difference on how the scrubs look and feel on our skin. There are two types of neckline that are usually found on scrubs. They are:

V-neck neckline:

neck neckline in a scrub can give you more breathability as they are non- restricting. However, you must wear a shirt underneath in order to avoid being too revealing.

Crew necks/Round neck neckline: rew neck or round neck neckline scrubs offer move freedom of movement as they are more covered which makes it a more comfortable choice for women with bigger busts.

4.Top fits:

Who says women that have dedicated their lives to helping others can't look amazing while doing it. The scrubs you choose according to your body type can change your entire look. There are 3 basic types of scrub tops:

If you find any worrying or new breast changes or lumps, don't hesitate to notify your healthcare physician. This is especially true for changes that persist for more than one menstrual cycle or that, in some way, appear to grow or expand. It is best to wait until after your period to consult a doctor because the lump can go away on its own.

Princess Seam scrub top: rincess seam add shape to the basic scrubs. It is fitted like a tailored fit to highlight the shape of a woman's body. This cut make the scrub shirt more fitted from the top and relaxes on the bottom, accentuating the natural curves if a lady.

Mock Wrap Scrub Top: ock wrap scrub style is designed to imitate the wrap style shirt. This scrub style gives sleek, slender and modern look to traditional scrubs.

Unisex Scrub Top:

Unisex scrubs are the standard style of scrubs that are supplied to most medical facilities. Made to be worn by both male and female alike, the unisex scrubs look nice and neat tucked in the pans because of the access material available.


If you are a doctor, nurse, CNA, or therapist; chances are as a medical professional you are always on the go dealing with patients. This is why the types of scrubs you chose is so important.

If the ill-fitting scrubs are too tight not only can it prevent you from layering but it can also hinder your mobility, which could prevent you from helping your patients quickly and effectively. This can be crucial in saving a life in an emergency situation.

Scrubs that are too tight can also cause the authorities to question work place appropriateness as they would show the seams of the undergarments being worn underneath.

If the ill-fitting scrubs are too big then they would get in the way of you assisting the patients. You would have to constantly need to fix the sleeves and the hem of the pant legs. This would keep you distracted which can be dangerous for both yourself and the patient.

6.Lifts & Support:

A well-fitted bra that lifts and supports the bust under the scrubs can give you not only the appropriate amount of back support that you might desperately need, but also provide a chic, feminine fall to the scrubs as well. A good bra can accentuate the upper half of the body by giving it contrasting shape to the lower abdomen, accentuating the curves down to the hips.

7.Figure forming:

the best kind of scrubs are those that not only look and feel good, but are also practical. They should allow free movement to tackle the demands that are made of you. This is why the scrubs should have the correct length and fitting in tops as well as bottoms.

Just like there are different types of tops you can choose from, the type of pants you choose to pair with your top is important as well. Some common scrub bottoms that are easily available are:

High/Natural Waist:

High or natural waist scrub pants give more coverage as compared to low-rise scrub pants. This aspect comes in handy when you are on the move and dealing with rigorous work. With high or natural waist scrub pat you don't have to worry about any accidental flashing of the skin or buttocks while bending or sitting down.

Drawstring Waist:

Drawstring waist scrub bottoms are convenient because they are more adjustable than the elastic or flat waist scrub pants. Even though this increases their degree of comfortability, it also leaves them susceptible to coming loose or undone if not checked often.

Elastic Waist:

Elastic waist scrub pants are the simplest options if you are on the go. They are easy to put on and take off without any drawstrings to slow you down.They can also stretch quite a bit to ensure maximum comfort and supports the change and relaxation the body needs throughout the day.

Flat Front Waist:

Flat front waist scrub pants create a smooth look form the front. The flat front create the illusion of even, polished, front that makes the tucked in top look clean and put together.


We all know how important pockets are in clothing. No woman can deny the sheer joy we get when we wear an item of clothing with pockets. We can put so many things in those pockets and eliminate the need for carrying bulky bags and purses, leaving the hands to roam around and be free. This is also true with scrub pants.

When selecting a pair of scrub pants, it is important to know what type of pockets you want. Whether its simple slip in pockets or Velcro or even pockets with buttons, it is important to have an understanding of what you will be putting in it.

9.Color choice & Print:

It is important for women to know their colors. The right type of colors can have a slimming effect on the silhouette whereas the wrong colors can make it look like you have gained a few pounds. No woman wants to look weighty than she is. Thus, if given the option then deciding what solid colors to wear can be a daunting decision.

Solid colors have become a standard practice in the medical industries due to the fact that the uniformity creates an overall professional look. The color matching set of scrubs that you wear creates a taller silhouette and a cleaner, refined, authoritative look.

The printed scrubs can be a plus size women's best friend. The prints women choose to wear on their scrubs, along with their colors can make them look slimmer, classier and sexier in their uniforms.


The temperature in medical facilities is usually chilly to keep the bacteria and germs from spreading fast and because of this how many times have women gotten chilly but refused to do anything about it in fear that the layers would get in the way of work or become a sanitization hazard? If layered correctly, the correct jacket or pull up can be an asset instead of a hazard to your work ensemble.

Whether you're layering form the top or from the inside, it is important to keep in mind the fabric and cut of clothing that you are wearing. For example if you want to layer from under your scrubs, a simple under scrub shirt will do the trick just fine. They are light and functional and keep out you way.

But if it's layering from the top that you fancy, then you can opt for a scrub jacket or pull up instead. They come in solid colors as well as prints to meet your individual style and with the pockets avail o the jackets, you get extra storage space to keep those extra pens or an emergency candy bar.

Shopping has never been an easy task for women, as we come in so many different shapes and sizes. Each one of us grows up with our own unique set of assets and flaws. However, for a plus size woman the plight is even tougher as not many companies cater to the sizes of the plus size women and those that do never seem to have variety that flatters. However, when served right it is a pleasure to dress a plus size woman that is not afraid of her appearance, doesn't shy down but instead stands tall and proud of being part of such a noble profession as medicine and Pulse Uniform is proud to be the supplier of Plus size scrubs for women that caters to the needs of all plus size women in the medical profession.