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Because of the evolution in the style of medical attire worn by professionals, we have more options now in the style, cut and fit of our uniforms. However the best change that has happened in our opinion is the medical profession going from bland white to an array of colors for their scrubs. Just like a color coded index, most medical facilities now have adopted specific colored scrubs for each of their department personals making the facility look like a beautiful paint pallet. But how is color coding in the medical field beneficial? We have thought a lot about this and come up with the 7 benefits of color coded scrubs.

1.Employee Identity:

Medical facilities are often crowded with people day and night. It has a steady stream of people of all ages and genders walking up and down its corridors. This is why it is beneficial if the facility has adopted a system of color coded scrubs. Since everyone in the facility, from the top surgeon to the house keeping staff is assigned a set of colored scrubs according to their job description, it becomes easier for everyone including the staff to recognize each other.

By color coding the employees according to job designations you can recognize nurses and doctors easily. The housekeeping staff can easily be spotted in case of emergencies and CNAs can easily be called to lend a hand. The color of scrubs you wear becomes your identity card within the medical facility.

2.Patient Safety and Satisfaction:

For any medical professional, keeping the patients healthy, happy and satisfied is the most important task. You as a medical professionals do everything in your power to make sure the patients under your care are well taken care of and their needs are met. One way to keep the patients happy and satisfied is by being recognizable for when they need something. Color coded scrubs act as that beacon.

By being color coded it is easier for patients to recognize their caregiver. They recognize their doctors, nurses and CNAs better with the color of their scrubs than their face. The patients also see the professional colored uniforms associating it with authority, allowing them to feel more comfortable in opening up in front of their doctors and nurses leading to better diagnosis and treatment. Seeing all the colorful scrubs walking around in a medical facilities gives patients ease of mind that should they need it, there's ample help walking around.

3.Facility Professionalism:

In order for any medical facility to be able to receive grants and donations through government and private funds, it is important for that facility to project amongst other things a neat, clean and unified facility. Proving to the financial donors that their medical facility is deserving of the grant money begins with all the employees' looking like parts of a well-oiled machine. Each department upholding its duties wearing their color coded scrubs does just that. Color coded uniforms show professionalism and authority to the onlooker. The colored scrubs make you look distinguished and professional.

4.Team Building:

Just like patients need support to get better, medical staff also needs support to keep doing their best job. The losses often get too much to emotionally handle and you might be too exhausted to shake it off. This is where the color coded scrubs help in boosting morale. The employees by seeing all their coworkers wearing the same colored scrubs as them so not feel alone. You realize that you are part of a team and others might have gone through the same problem. It gives you hope that because they managed to move forward so will you.

5.Hassle Free Fashion:

One of the best feeling in the world is not deciding what to wear to work. Color coded scrubs that are assigned to you make work life so much simpler since you don't have to worry about what to wear for work in the morning. Just ironing and hanging a clean pair of scrubs the night or day before your shift, leaves you with precious minutes to eat your breakfast or pre-work meal in peace instead of rushing.


Where it's a medical facility or a private purchase, buying colored scrubs according to your budget is a great way to save those precious pennies. You can ask your department for their colors assigned to your job description nod then bargain hunt for scrubs that are functional, comfortable and easy on the pocket.


If a medical facility provides their staff with color coded scrubs, not only do they save money by buying in bulk but even washing the scrubs becomes cost effective if it's done in an in-house facility. By providing a space for laundering medical attire within the facility, hospitals and clinics can save the cost of commercial laundry and maintain the scrubs better by using the appropriate chemicals to treat them.


By color coding their employees by departments, the field of medical science has taken a huge step forward in patient care and wellbeing. Color coding has turned out to be a most effective tool that has bridged a gap between the conversations patients were having with doctors. By being more recognizable to their patients, even medical staff now has peace of mind that their patients are being more open regarding their needs and sometimes even manage to walk up to them seeking assistance.