18 January 2019

4 Reasons of Why Choose Nursing as Profession

Why Choose Nursing

Nursing is one of the noblest profession enabling individuals to save the life of people, spread happiness and add comfort to those who are suffering. It is considered to be a rewarding profession as it gives you the satisfaction that you are easing someone's suffering..

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15 January 2019

Top 6 Nursing School Supplies for Students

nursing school supplies

Nurses are always on the lookout of nursing essentials that are practical, affordable and sturdy. Finding the right tools can simply add convenience to your life. Here are some nursing supplies that are a must have for all.

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23 JANUARY 2017

9 Essentials of Medical Profession That Every Nurse Must Have

Every profession has its unique dress code and accessories that its performers must possess. Such items not only serve as a tool of distinctive identification but also ensure safety and effectiveness during job performance. When it comes to medical...

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13 JANUARY 2017

Skills & Traits Making You an Adept Nurse

As a famous proverb says, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” similarly, it is always good to prepare ahead before getting into your professional career. If you are a nursing student, you may be concerned about your career...

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07 NOVEMBER 2016

Why Obesity is More Common In Nurses Than You Think

Obesity is considered to be a widespread issue across the USA. It's also one of the biggest contributing factors towards grave health problems faced by many Americans. More Americans are on the road to becoming overweight. This has affected...

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27 OCTOBER 2016

4 Time Management Tips You Need To Try Today

In Time

As a Nurse, your routine is very busy and demanding. In a split second your day can change vastly, and you'd have to push tasks to make room for duties that take priority over others. This hectic routine and...

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24 OCTOBER 2016

5 Ways to Decrease Stress That Actually Work

Portrait of young female looking at camera while training on simulator in gym

Medical professionals are always on their toes, running around filling charts, attending to patients, standing in extra-long surgeries or stepping in for emergency shifts. They always have to be focused and give all their attention because one mistake can...

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13 OCTOBER 2016

How to Maintain Relationships While Working Hectic Hours

Closeup portrait overwhelmed with busy schedule health care professional doctor, nurse, dentist with stethoscope holding alarm clock running out of time having headache isolated black grey background

Pretty much everyone agrees that medical professionals save lives and do an incalculable service to the communities where they work and live. Unfortunately, medical professionals also tend to be self-sacrificing and give of themselves so much that sometimes their...

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06 OCTOBER 2016

7 Ways to Express Your Style in Color-Coded Scrubs

Medical professionals often spend a lot of time in scrubs. In fact, nurses and other professionals may spend most of their day in these clothes. Scrubs are practical and can look professional, but it can be a challenge to...

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7 Ways to Feel More Energized Without Coffee/Caffeine


In the medical field, caffeine and energy drinks are staples. Most doctor's and nurse's lounges have coffee machines, and many in the medical field rely on caffeine to get through long shifts. The problem is that the effects of...

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09 AUGUST 2016

5 Ways to Quickly Solve a Bad Hair Day

woman have hair problem

If you have a job that allows you to work from home or at least possess a casual look when you're at the office, a bad hair day doesn't have to be bad news. You can simply throw on...

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21 JULY 2016

How to Be Happy at Work

Happy man working on laptop

An overwhelming number of American employees are unhappy at work — over 50 percent in fact! Are you one of them? It's time to turn that frown upside down. Instead of settling for frustration or hopping from job to...

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