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How To Find The Perfect Fitting Men's Scrub Tops For Plus Size Men

15 February

How To Find The Perfect Fitting Men's Scrub Tops For Plus Size Men

Medical scrubs for men have gone through significant changes over the years. From boxy to tailored and trendy, men's scrub tops have evolved form average and boring to sleek and stylish. Now more than ever, even the medical industry has started facilitating the work wear styling needs of plus sized men, who in the past have had to make do with the boring boxy medical scrubs that do not flatter anyone. But as a busy medical professional, how do you find the time to search for your perfect men's scrub tops for plus size men? By following the list of characteristic to keep an eye out for, you can save time while purchasing your perfect fitting men's scrub top.


The first and foremost important thing to consider in order to purchase your perfect fitting medical scrub top as a plus size man is to make sure that the measurements of your medical scrub tops are according to your body proportions. Some medical facilities allow customization to their medical scrub tops, while others allow free selection in the style of medical scrub tops you want to wear, as long as you wear your assigned colors. In both cases you have the opportunity to get medical scrub tops that fit well and make you look sleek and stylish at work. But in order to get the perfect fit on your medical scrub tops, you need to get accurate measurements of the correct areas on your body that give you the perfect fit. They are:

• Chest

In order to get the proper measurement of your chest, the tape measure goes around the fullest part of your chest.

• Waist

The area of your natural waistline is where the proper measurement of waist is taken from.

• Hip

To measure your hip properly, you need to stand with your feet together and legs straight. Then you put the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips.

• Length

The length for your medical scrub tops begins from the center back of the neck to the slightly below your bottom.


Medical professionals have to run around all day taking care of patients and other medical necessities. This is why it's of extreme importance for you to wear medical scrub tops that are comfortable. The fabric used to make medical men's scrub tops are made from combinations of cotton, spandex, polyester and rayon. Plus sized medical professionals should get men's scrub tops based on what they find comfortable, so they can fulfill their duties with ease.


Running around in a medical facility can build up quite a sweat. This is why plus sized men should select men's scrub tops that are breathable. Medical scrubs that breathe allow you to stay cool and dry throughout your shift, allowing you to work better without worrying about the dampness and the fabric of your men's scrub top sticking to your body. Breathable men's scrub tops are also beneficial for summer as they keep you cool in the hot weather. During cooler seasons and in the constant cold temperatures of medical facilities, in order to keep warm plus sized men's scrub tops that are pervious to air allow you to layer underneath with under scrubs, tank tops or undershirts. You can also opt to layer over your men's scrub tops with vests and jackets for your ease and comfort.


The perfect fitting plus size men's scrub tops are always lightweight. This allows the medical professionals to carry on with their duties throughout the day without the fabric weighing down on them. When selecting men's scrubs tops the lightweight and breathable material ensures that the fabric stays dry and fresh even after strenuous work, allowing you to take care of your patients looking sleek, fresh and active.

Long Lasting

When shopping for the perfect plus size men's scrub tops, you need to keep in mind how much time you are willing to allocate towards the maintenance of your scrubs. Keeping men's scrubs clean and sanitized properly is what will keep them from wearing out. In order to keep your plus size men's scrubs looking like new for long, always read the tag so you know how to properly take care of your medical scrubs. By reading the tag and understanding the washing process required for your men's scrub tops will also allow you to determine if the fabric and style you are interested in, is indeed something you can manage with your busy schedule.


Medical professionals are required to take care of patients throughout the day. This includes driving around patients on wheelchairs and in rolling beds. Along with the pushing, medical professionals are also required to bend down often and reach when required. Because of this the plus size men's scrub tops that you are interested in should be able to withstand the demands of the job. The fabric you select should be strong enough to wear while you conduct rigorous physical activity without, ripping or tearing.


With all the varieties of men's scrub tops available in the market it can get quite difficult to shop for something that is comfortable, does its job and looks good on you. But by noticing the characteristics that have been outlined, you can find the perfect fitting men's scrub tops for plus size men that will help you in working hard at your medical facility while looking effortlessly chic and stylish.